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Delicious Food on Hatteras Island

For those of us with a 9-5, those vacation days are precious jewels to be used wisely. With weddings, doctors appointments, the millions of things that happen with your kiddo's schedule and all of life's curveballs, you may feel like you can't attribute those precious days to any vacation worth it's salt. Well, THINK AGAIN! Hop in the car for a few hours and take a "short trip" to Hatteras Island.

Cora Tree in Frisco, NC

One thing Hatteras Island loves is a good holiday and Halloween is no exception. With a place brimming with so much history, it is sure to be overflowing in tales of the deep, tales of the lost, tales of war and tales of forelorn love. There are various ways to spin a good ghost story, but no setting is as rich as Hatteras Island, so head to "The Banks" and settle in for a crisp, fall night of creepy quiet and fun fright. Are you afraid of the dark? Don't forget your flashlight!

Scenery on Hatteras Island

There is something to be said for going off-grid when traveling and channeling your inner "Eat. Pray. Love." Ultimately you'll have fewer distractions from fully taking in your surroundings and you can really dive into the area and truly enjoy the company you keep. That being said, when coming to Hatteras Island, your Instagram will flourish with the amazing scenery pics and your friends on Snapchat will be crazy jealous that you're at the beach while they're...wherever they keeping your phone on may not be the worst thing in the world either. Decisions, decisions!