Traveling to Hatteras Island With Your Pet

When planning a vacation to Hatteras Island for your family, your 4-legged family members should be just as much a part of the family as everyone else! You know your pet wants to experience Hatteras Island and the beach just as much as you do, so we want to give you some pet friendly places to visit while on vacation, and a few rules to follow to ensure a safe and sound trip. Whether your pet is a first-timer, or a seasoned beach-goer, we have put together some helpful hints and tips to keep your pet happy and healthy while on vacation in the Outer Banks.

Midgett Realty is pleased to offer many Hatteras vacation rentals that are pet friendly. These homes will gladly accept your well-mannered pets. Please, no more than two pets per home. Pets are not permitted on the grounds of any home not designated as pet friendly. Any additional restrictions (for example, some property owners only permit dogs) will be listed in the property description. Give us a call today or use our advanced search, and let us help you find the perfect accommodations for your family and your pets! Also, if you wish to bring your pet, but do not wish to stay in a pet friendly rental, there is a pet boarding facility on the island, Hatteras Island Pet Resort. Hatteras Island Pet Resort is a modern indoor/outdoor facility that will house your pet while you are here on vacation. Daily pickup and visitation is highly encouraged—you can pick your pet up at any time during regular business hours each day to enjoy time together, as long as they are back by 5pm. 

On Hatteras Island, dogs are allowed on the beach year-round, but must be restrained with a leash 6 feet or less. These laws are strictly enforced, and if not followed could result in a fine. Park Rangers will pick up loose pets, and hold them for a certain time period awaiting the owner to pick them up and pay the fine, or they may just issue a ticket and stay on hand while you put a leash on the pet. To ensure the continued enjoyment of our beaches, neighborhoods and homes, pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are permitted to remain with their owners at all times. We at Midgett Realty prefer that at no time should a pet be left alone at your Hatteras vacation rental home. If it is an emergency and you must leave your pet, please place them in a crate-like container made for a pet, or restrained in a secured pen, which may be provided by the owner on the ground level.

In Hatteras Village, you will find a family and pet-friendly nature trail. The Sea Breeze Trail in Hatteras Village takes you on an educational journey through the salt marsh and the upland maritime forest. Walking along the boardwalk, you can enjoy the peacef, quiet, and beauty of Hatteras!

We want you and your pets to have a memorable experience on Hatteras Island! So be sure to follow these rules and helpful tips to enjoy all Hatteras Island has to offer. Please visit our vacation rental policies page for bringing your pet to Hatteras Island, and here are a few other tips for caring for your pets on the beach:

•    The sand can get very hot in the summer months, and your canine companion can burn his/her footpads; it's better to walk early in the morning or just before sunset when the sand is cool.
•    Take twice as much water as they may drink normally
•    Check for ticks at least once a day
•    We suggest you remove them from the sun from noon to four o'clock on a sunny day.
•    Rinse with a hose at the end of each day in which pet has been immersed in ocean or sound waters.