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Fun Hatteras Activities

Photo Credit: Lori Miller

Hatteras Island is unique in that it has a different fan base for each season. While folks that come to Hatteras Island certainly love it all year round, most folks are pretty dedicated to the time they choose to visit.

Jockeys Ridge State Park

We’ve strategically put together a list of stops that can allow you to pass the time more enjoyably. Choose your route from the pit stop ideas below, and make your trip to Hatteras Island “pit-stop perfect”!

Things to do on Hatteras Island

As the wind starts to weave through the intricacies of Hatteras Island, as it often does, adrenaline begins to course through the veins of every watersports junkie to have ever walked these coastal shores.

Night Life on Hatteras Island

Are you a night owl visiting Hatteras Island in 2019? Well, you won't find a disco and you won't find many places open past 9:00pm on this quiet little island get-away, so we've taken the time to map out a night life guide for those who just "got to boogie".

Kiteboarding in Waves on Hatteras Island

Waves is the middle of the locally coined “Tri-Villages” on Hatteras Island. A quaint fishing village, the area has amassed a large kiteboarding following. We recommend touring the village of Waves on an optimal weather day as the plethora of outdoor explorations is endless!