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CONTEST ALERT!!! On May 1, we kicked off our #WhyHatteras Contest! Everyday for the next three weeks, we are going to share another one of our top reasons to choose Hatteras Island as your number one vacation destination and we want YOU to share your reasons with us as well! Let us know, #WhyHatteras?

Beautiful handcrafted artwork on display at Sandy Bay Gallery on Hatteras Island

People who love art tend to love the Outer Banks. There is so much scenery, wildlife and natural beauty to draw inspiration from. With that, there is an abundance of talent on Hatteras Island, making it an art lover’s haven.

PHOTO CREDIT: Krystyne Lewis

Most people work, save and dream about their Hatteras Island beach vacation all year round until that glorious day comes when they get their chance to step on those beautiful sandy beaches. The last thing anyone wants is to interrupt their vacation to make a trip to the medical center or hospital or even worse, home early due to an injury.