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Hurricane Florence: Stay Informed and Avoid Travel if Possible

13 Sep 2018
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Storm Updates

From Dare County County Emergency Management
Joint Information Center

The following watches and warnings are currently in effect for Dare County - a Storm Surge Warning, Hurricane Warning, High Surf Advisory, Flash Flood Watch, Beach Hazards Advisory, and a Tornado Watch.

It is important to stay informed and monitor information from official sources.

Visit for updated weather advisories and forecasts from the National Weather Service. Visit for updated information and safety tips from Dare County Emergency Management and the Joint Information Center.

For updated road conditions from NCDOT, visit

To receive notifications directly from Dare County Emergency Management, visit and follow @DareCountyEM on Twitter. The Dare County Emergency Operations Center is activated and can be reached at 252.475.5655.

The mandatory evacuation for all residents and visitors remains in place and entry into Dare County is now restricted. Only those with a Priority One Critical Personnel Pass issued by Dare County Emergency Management or a Critical Needs Pass issued by Currituck County Emergency Management are being allowed access.

Remain indoors and stay off roadways. Driving conditions will quickly become dangerous as flooding occurs from heavy rains and ocean overwash. Some areas of Highway 12 on Hatteras Island are already experiencing ocean overwash. Be mindful of dangerous conditions not only in Dare County, but also outside the area. Visit for NC road conditions updated by NCDOT.

Those who remain in the county are reminded that emergency personnel may not be able to respond to calls for assistance as winds increase and roadways become flooded. There may be a loss of power or water in some areas of the County. Keep your emergency supply kit close by and be prepared to sustain yourself, your family and your pets for up to 72 hours.

Stay out of the ocean. Swimming is prohibited throughout the county due to conditions that are dangerous for even the most experienced swimmers.

For full press release, visit:


As Dare County Emergency Management issues additional updates, we will post them on our website homepage,, and our Facebook page. We ask that our guests please utilize the website and Facebook for updates first as a myriad of issues could potentially make our phone lines and/or agents unavailable for immediate correspondence. While we are in the current state of emergency, we need to keep our phone lines clear as much as possible until the event has passed and it is quite possible that there will be times that we may be unable to staff our office(s) if "Florence" strikes Hatteras Island more directly.


Please be patient with us in the wake of the storm. If you are either an incoming or returning guest and your stay is to be affected by storm damage, please allow us to contact you and help us keep our phone lines clear so that we may do so in a timely manner. No news is good news! All of our immediate post-storm efforts will be directed in getting the homes assessed and up and running as soon as possible, and with limited staff after an evacuation (the evacuation is for visitors and residents alike) we would prefer to commit our staff to getting homes ready for your vacation rather than the phones, so that we may get you to Hatteras Island as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the information provided on our website and the additional sites and numbers listed below, you should be able answer many of your questions fairly quickly and easily.

Dare County’s Website:

North Carolina Road Conditions:
NC Hwy Patrol 919-549-5100 ext. 7623 or

Dare County Emergency Management:

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For our guests that have purchased travel insurance, your coverage is based on the residing country of the leaseholder per your lease agreement. Please contact the appropriate agency below to begin your claim. For more information regarding travel insurance, please visit our site.

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Claims, Policy and Coverage questions:
Within U.S./Canada: (833) 610-0736, More Information
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