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Watergate Salad on Hatteras Island

Bouncing around the holiday table, sides are just as crucial as the main course. No one is eating turkey or ham without their favorite sides, am I right? For those of you salty/sweet lovers out there, you're sure to enjoy this light, sugary treat served on Hatteras Island tables year-round with hot meals, potlucks and holiday feasts! Best part?

Kinnakeet Cornbread on Hatteras Island

As the holidays are just around the corner, we can’t help but summon feelings of warmth. Escaping the cool air under a warm blanket. Bringing your home to life with the warm scent of a candle. Filling a room with warm string lights. The kitchen overflowing with smells of a warm meal. A table surrounded by hearts filled with love and warmth.

5K's on Hatteras Island

As the saying goes “sitting is the new smoking”, so hop on out of that desk chair and sign up for one of the 4 Outer Banks 5K's taking place this fall!

Day at The Docks on Hatteras Island, NC

There is always fun to be had on Hatteras Island, no matter the season. As summer is quickly coming to a close and the cooler days of fall will be here before we know it, we want to share two family fun events held annually in Hatteras Village that are must attends, should you be able to make it to this little place that we know and love.

Photo Courtesy of Hatteras Yoga

Are you counting down the days for your upcoming Hatteras Island beach vacation? While there is no shortage of good times while you’re here, we have created a collaborative list of the top 3 classes available to you while you’re staying on this little sandbar that we all know and love.