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Hatteras Island Blog

On Thursday, July 27, Hatteras Island experienced an island-wide power outage due to an underground transmission cable being accidentally impacted while working on the new Bonner Bridge construction.

As you are aware, we are facing an island-wide power outage. As such, we are experiencing an excessive level of call volume that has our phone lines backed up.

It is our understanding that Hyde County is in the process of issuing an order of mandatory evacuation for Ocracoke Island due to a malfunction in the Tideland Electric generation plant, which is the emergency power supplier when mainland power is not available.


At 5PM, we will drop the Buxton south circuit and the Frisco north circuit and attempt to pick up the Hatteras beach circuit. We will run temporary power to the Hatteras beach circuit for 3 hours. At 8PM, we will switch back to Buxton south and Frisco north.