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Richard (Richie) Midgett

Avon & Buxton
NC License Number: 
(252) 995-5333
(252) 995-4817
(252) 995-2295
Lived on Hatteras Island Since: 
Native 1954 - present
Favorite Recording Artist: 
Jimmy Buffet
How I spend my free time: 
boating, fishing, clamming, the beach - always with family and kids
Why Hatteras is a good investment: 
It's one of the most beautiful beaches on earth and limited in undeveloped lots, with great rate of appreciation, and great rentals with an extended season.
Areas of expertise: 
Residential, second home, investment, lots & commercial property.
Why I love my job: 
Working on Hatteras Island and meeting new people, working for customers' needs.