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About Midgett Realty

Locally Owned Hatteras Vacation Rental Company For Over 60 Years

The Midgett family proudly shares the history and heritage of Hatteras Island, and has called its sandy shores home for at least 3 centuries. The Midgett family are the descendants of the tough, independent seafaring men and women who managed to thrive and survive on these isolated barrier islands. They have been fishermen, lifesavers and surfmen. The Midgett family has always been, and still are, a part of many important local organizations that strive daily to support and improve Hatteras Island.

In the 1960’s the Midgett brothers started a Hatteras Island real estate business, which today is known as Midgett Realty, the area’s premier real estate company. The Midgett children, grandchildren, and the other loyal staff of Midgett Realty offer nearly 500 Hatteras vacation homes for rent. Midgett Realty is one of the island’s oldest family-owned businesses and is the only real estate company owned and managed by Hatteras Island natives.

The Midgett family paved the way for the hospitality and tourism industry that has flourished on Hatteras Island for many years. They knew that once people experienced the pristine beaches, world-class fishing, and natural beauty this island had to offer, they would be back for more; and back they came, generation after generation.

A dock lading up to one of our rentals in Avon NC

Meet The Team


Anthony Fletcher

General Manager

Graduating from East Carolina University with a BS in Industrial Technology and Management Concentration in 1988, Anthony Fletcher moved to Hatteras Island in April of 2000, quickly advancing through the ranks at Midgett Realty until he took on the role as General Manager. When asked what drives his passion for the vacation rental industry, he simply stated “I enjoy the uniqueness of every day and every situation that you encounter. Each situation is different. I also like the fact that the industry is a dynamic industry. Technology and software is constantly improving and changing so that as a company, and an individual, we can improve our processes, and in turn outcomes, for our owners and guests.” In April of 2023 Anthony will have been with Midgett Realty for 23 years.


Carinne Hickman


Local to Hatteras Island, Carinne Hickman went on to the University of NC Wilmington after her graduation from Cape Hatteras School. There she acquired a BS in Accounting in 1999 and a Masters of Science in Accounting in 2000. After graduation she moved back to Hatteras Island, working for Midgett Realty for just over 20 years. Aside from a great group of fellow coworkers, what keeps her career exciting is that the industry is ever changing and evolving. Every year is a little bit different with new challenges that keep us engaged.


Dennis Robinson


Born and raised on Hatteras Island, Dennis Robinson started his career within the Midgett Family of Businesses at the Hatteras Marlin Motel directly after graduating from ECU in 2003 with a degree in Hospitality Management. Following his passion, he worked his way through the company, eventually moving over to Midgett Realty as the Marketing Director, and now holding the position as Chief Technology Officer. Overseeing the transition from print to digital media, taking the lead on various website rebuilds, the introduction of automation, and the complete overhaul of your digital experience with Midgett Realty, he continues to strive to make the guest experience as seamless as possible.


Bryan Fail


Bryan graduated from his alma mater, Ohio State University, with a BS in Natural Resources, moving to Hatteras Island 30 years ago. While his career in the vacation rentals industry started much earlier, Bryan brought his expertise to Midgett Realty what would be 17 years ago in 2022. Being a people person, Bryan’s interest is in the relationships he has built over the years with owners and guests, also helping bridge the gap between the two as he advocates for the homeowner trying to maintain their home while simultaneously providing the optimal beach vacation experience for the guest.


Jenny Hooper

Property Manager

With training in accounting, Jenny Hooper tried her hand at a variety of career paths before finding her passion in vacation rentals 28 years ago. Exploring the many facets of property management, she went from cleaner, to inspector, to maintenance coordinator and finally, Property Manager. While she has been with Midgett Realty for 18 years, she has resided on Hatteras Island for 36 years, originally hailing from the nearby Chesapeake, VA. Keeping her interest in the ever-changing landscape of vacation rentals is the constant relationship with our homeowners. “Helping them to meet the expectations of their guests is very gratifying when you know you’ve been a part of something so special, which is the family vacation that creates lifelong memories, and in many cases, generations of family traditions.


Sam Midgett

Property Manager

Inspired by his grandfather, namesake, and Midgett Realty co-founder, Stockton Midgett, Sam Midgett dove head first into vacation rentals as a young adult when he moved back to Hatteras Island after meeting his wife, Liz Midgett, in the early 2000’s. As they were both passionate about the family business, Liz took up a successful career in Real Estate Sales out of the Avon office, and Sam went into Property Management in the Hatteras Office. A third generation Midgett in the family business, his father, Richie Midgett is also the BIC for the Avon Sales Department, creating a tight-knit family dynamic in and out of the office.


Lori Vander Clay

Property Manager

Born in raised in Michigan, Lori Vander Clay vacationed on Hatteras Island for 12 years before packing her bags to finally call this place her home. She always knew in her heart that she wanted to move here to pursue her career, making the 2019 trek to Hatteras that much easier. She and her husband, 2 dogs, and 3 cats easily settled in and never looked back. Joining the Midgett Realty Team in September 2023, Lori accepted the position as the Property Manager for the Avon Office, loving the day-to-day interaction with owners, guests, and staff and all that entails.


Thomas Midgett

Assistant Property Manager

Thomas is of the 3rd generation of Midgett’s that have dedicated their lives to Property Management on Hatteras Island. His grandfather, Stockton Midgett, was one of the original founders of Midgett Realty, and it was under his influence that vacation rentals sparked his interest. His father, Ted Midgett, one of the current owners and active staffers at Midgett Realty, also served as a role model in what became a familiar way of life at a very early age. Growing up on Hatteras Island he knew he had aspirations to join the family business. After graduating from Cape Hatteras School as part of the last class to walk the halls in what had been a K-12 school, he went on to Pitt Community College where he received a degree in Business Administration. He joined the company in 2006, soon after obtaining his NC Real Estate Licensure. While spending several years as a Maintenance Technician, he eventually moved over to the Maintenance Coordinator position, offering the unique knowledge that several years in the field provided him. While the influence of his father and grandfather guided him into Midgett Realty, it is the interaction with guests and homeowners that have kept him here. “I’m proud to be able to carry on the traditions of my family, while allowing other families to do the same. We see a lot of familiar faces on the day to day–homeowners that have been with us for decades and guests that have been coming back for just as long. It’s a lot bigger than a quick beach vacation.


Terri Poteet

Reservations Supervisor

Following in her father’s footsteps, Terri Poteet attended Virginia Tech, staying in the same dorm her father had resided in 25 years prior. Her mother’s family is local to the area and her parents retired to Hatteras Village years ago. To be closer to her parents, Terri moved to the island over 9 years ago and started her time at Midgett Realty shortly after. She explained that her love of Hatteras is what makes her job so easy. “Talking to guests about the island and providing information on places to go and things to see and do…listening to them as they talk about their past visits and helping them plan their future stays…at the end of the day it’s all very rewarding.


Beth Midgett

Reservations Specialist

Beth Midgett has been a longtime resident of Hatteras Island, moving here in 1988 after spending two college summers here beginning in 1986. Upon moving to the island, she had just graduated from Salisbury State University as a Liberal Arts major with minors in History and Philosophy. Starting with Midgett Realty in 1997, she has worn a variety of hats throughout the various departments of the business, landing in the Reservations Department as a top specialist. Keeping her in the department is her passion to share her island home with the outside world and introduce them to an experience that is well outside of their day-to-day experiences, which are very likely a great deal more frenetic than here. With great emphasis she said “I LOVE watching the experience from check-in to check-out when you see the island work its magic and seep into the guest’s time here. I have been fortunate enough to see generations of the same families carry on their beach vacation traditions year after year. I’ve also loved the fact that even as long as I have been doing this, I still have unique experiences with weather events, technology, people, and the overall logistics of living on the edge of the NC coast and the challenges that come along with it and keep life interesting!” Taking on a variety of community projects, most notably the replacement of the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, Beth has been a vital part of the Hatteras Island community as well as the Midgett Realty Family.


Karen Greenwood

Homeowner Relations Specialist

Obtaining her Real Estate License in Charleston, SC in 2000, Karen Greenwood sold real estate in the Charleston Tri-County area and obtained her Graduate Realtor Institute designation in 2003. She purchased her first Hatteras Island vacation rental in 2000, which was managed by Midgett Realty from our Avon office. After moving the family to the area in 2007, she easily found her second home on the Midgett team in 2009, joining full-time in 2012 as the Reservations Sales Manager. Years later she would transition into the role of Homeowner Relations Specialist, where she remains today. Taking pride in her position, she loves being able to help educate new homeowners as they navigate their role owning a vacation rental here on Hatteras Island. “I find having worked various roles here at Midgett and being a previous vacation rental owner here myself, helps me understand how it takes homeowners maintaining their properties and offering a good product, guest wanting to come and vacation here, and Midgett Realty pulling it all together while offering the best Property Management Service on Hatteras Island.”


Sean Kelly

Marketing Director

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a BA in journalism, Sean Kelly held a variety of reporter and editor positions in Montana and Colorado. After spending time in the media industry, Sean transitioned to the Digital Marketing field with a focus on the vacation rental and real estate industry, working with myriad companies, including Midgett Realty, for more than a decade before joining the Midgett Realty team full time.