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  • Q: What if I arrive after the office is closed?

    A: Not to worry, no need to call us! Most of our homes have a keyless entry system that generates a unique entry code to each of our guests via email and prior to check-in, enabling you to go directly to the home without visiting the check-in office. If your home does not participate in this program and your reservation is paid in full, we will leave your check-in packet, including keys to your home and other important information regarding your stay, in the after hours check-in box located just outside of the front door at your check-in office.

  • Q: What type of cooking utensils and dishes do your units have?

    A: We have enough glassware, dinnerware and utensils to serve the number of guests the home allows. There is an assortment of pots and pans for your normal cooking needs as well. If you are planning on cooking while in the unit(s) and have need of something more exotic like a garlic press, food processor, double boiler, turkey roasting pan, etc. you may want to bring them along with you.

  • Q: What about towels and sheets?

    A: All of our homes provide blankets, pillows, and sheets for the occupancy of the home. Several of our homes offer "Gold" linens packages, which include towels. Please check your lease or the property details page on our website to see if and when your rental provides "Gold" linens. Laundering of those items during your stay is the responsibility of each tenant. If your home does not include a linens package, you can contact our office to add a customized rental package no later than 48 hours prior to check-in.

  • Q: What is the home stocked with? Paper products, cleaning supplies? What should I bring?

    A: Toiletries, paper products and cleaning supplies are not provided, however, we do provide one starter roll of toilet paper per bathroom. For more info on what is provided and what to bring, visit here.

  • Q. Is there a daily maid service?

    A: No, our units are your "Home Away From Home"; we clean after your departure. Mid-stay cleaning is available at an additional cost. You must schedule this service prior to your arrival. Most accommodations have a laundry room so you can freshen up your towels or linens at your convenience.

  • Q: How much parking will we have?

    A: Parking is limited to one car per bedroom, with a maximum of five cars. Many houses have fewer parking spaces available than bedrooms due to lot size. RVs are not permitted on the grounds of any unit at any time. Boats, boat trailers, and equipment trailers are counted as a vehicle and must be parked in allocated spaces. No parking in undesignated areas, including lawns. Unless the home is equipped with an EV specific charger, do not charge EVs at the home.

  • Q: I know the check-in time is not promised until 6pm. Can I check in early?

    A: Check-in time is firmly set, and generally speaking, we cannot guarantee early check-in. That being said, we do not hold homes once they have been cleared for check-in. You will receive a text message once your home has been cleared and your entry code has been activated, and may check-in at that time. Be prepared to enjoy other activities while waiting for your home to be ready for check-in. If you bring items requiring refrigeration to the island make sure you have sufficient coolers and ice to keep them cool through the end of the check-in time frame.

  • Q: I know check-out time is 10:00 am, but can I stay late?

    A: Sorry, in the summer when we are fully booked we only have a few hours to clean and prepare for the next guests. In other seasons we may be able to be more flexible. Contact your reservations office for more information.

  • Q: What do we need to do before we check-out? Cleaning? Trash?

    The cost of normal departure cleaning is included in the cost of your vacation rental home as part of our “bottom-line pricing”. Please remove your belongings by 10:00 am the day of check out (this includes emptying refrigerators and removing all trash and placing it in cans provided). We ask that you leave the home and any outside amenities as neat as when you checked in, including washing all dishes and cookware, emptying the dishwasher and sweeping. You do not, however, have to scrub or disinfect the bathrooms or kitchen. Linens should be left on the beds, with the towels, hand towels, bath mats and washcloths left in the tub/shower. Close and lock all windows and doors. Tidy up the pool area, deck and yard and clean the grill if used. Please be considerate, you are responsible for removal of pet waste if you've stayed in a pet friendly home. For a full list of Departure Responsibilities, please click here.

  • Q: Which are the closest airports?

    A: Norfolk International Airport (ORF) is approximately 3 hours from Hatteras Island. Raleigh Durham International (RDU), is about 4 hours from Hatteras Island. However, due to traffic conditions on changeover days through Northeastern North Carolina and the Tidewater area of Virginia, many times travel time from RDU airport can be comparable to travel time from Norfolk Airport

  • Q: Am I allowed to park an RV or camper at the home?

    A: No. Campers, RVs, and mobile units are strictly prohibited in any community and may not be parked at the home for additional sleeping space.

  • Q: Do I need a North Carolina fishing license to fish in ocean or Pamlico Sound?

    A: Yes, a Coastal Recreational Fishing License is required for all anglers who recreationally fish in coastal waters in North Carolina (effective January 1, 2007). This license can be purchased on a 10-day, annual, or lifetime basis or combined with a variety of licenses issued by the Wildlife Resources Commission. Fishing licenses may be purchased from any Wildlife Resources Commission agent (including many bait and tackle shops), online at ncwildlife.org, at any Division of Marine Fisheries office (252-726-7021 for locations), or by calling toll-free 888-248-6834. For complete licensing information, please visit this website or call the Division of Marine Fisheries at 252-726-7021 or 800-682-2632.

  • Q: Can exceptions be made if a vacation home lists "No Pets Allowed"?

    A: Pets are permitted only in homes or on the premises of a property that list "Pets Allowed" in the individual description (NO EXCEPTIONS). We respect the wishes of our homeowners and incoming guests who may have allergic reactions to pet hair and dander.

  • Q: What time does your office open and close on check-in/check-out days?

    A: Normal business hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, seven days a week. During the busy summer months, staff generally stays in the office until around 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you arrive after-hours and your home does not participate in the keyless entry program, keys and directions to your vacation home will be left in the after-hours box if your balance is paid in full and we have your signed lease. These boxes are located beside each office's main entrance. If you depart before our offices open, please leave your keys and any completed forms in the after-hours box located beside the main entrance of your check-in office.

  • Q. Are fireworks permitted?

    A. All fireworks are illegal to sell, possess, or use anywhere on Hatteras Island. Violators can be convicted of a Class 3 misdemeanor and fined $250.

  • Q. Can I build a bonfire on the beach?

    A. Yes! And it is a wonderful and memorable experience to share with your family. Bonfires are permitted on the beach after obtaining a free permit. Please click here to download a permit with complete information. If we are experiencing a high threat of wildfires, however, open fires may be banned until the danger has passed.

  • Q. Do Hatteras Island beaches have lifeguards?

    A. As a general rule, Hatteras Island beaches are mostly unguarded. Depending on Federal funding, the Cape Hatteras Seashore may provide guarded areas on a seasonal basis. Please check with your check-in office upon arrival. Take the time to educate your family on RIP CURRENTS. Rip currents are strong river-like currents that move away from the shore. If caught in a rip current, stay calm, wave for assistance, and swim parallel to shore. Don't swim against the current. Once out of the current swim directly to shore. Please listen to local radio broadcasts and the weather channel for swimming advisories.

  • Q. Do you have equipment rentals for baby items, beach items, kayaks and bikes?

    A. You may want to consider renting equipment to make more room in your car. Midgett Realty has partnered with Ocean Atlantic Rentals to make your beach vacation and equipment rentals as seamless as possible. Ocean Atlantic Rentals has all the equipment rentals you will need for your vacation. Visit the online store or give them a call at (855) 428-1354 to place your order. Your beach rentals and equipment can be delivered directly to your vacation home and picked up after your vacation.

  • Q. Can I drive on the beach?

    A. Yes! As of February 15, 2012 a special use permit must be obtained to operate off-road vehicles (ORVs) on designated routes. You can apply through the online permit process or appear in person at one of three offices (Coquina Beach, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Visitor Center, or Ocracoke Visitor Center) to apply for a permit. Current costs are $120 for an annual permit from the date of purchase or $50 for ten consecutive days. Visit http://www.nps.gov/caha/planyourvisit/off-road-vehicle-use.htm for more information.

We look forward to seeing you! Have a safe trip and thank you for choosing Midgett Realty. For any questions prior to your stay please call us at 1-877-213-4409 or visit us online at