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Go Local

Go Local



You don’t stay in business for over 
50 years without doing the little things right.

 We are proud members of the Hatteras Island community and have stood by our neighbors and friends through thick and thin for over 5 decades. So much has changed in the area during those years but we have remained consistent in the service we offer our owners and the dedication to the properties we manage. Feel free to stop in and get to know Midgett Realty, your trusted business partner for over 50 years. 
Learn more about our family history on the island 



We invest in cutting edge web technologies so you can sleep knowing your investments are in front of travelers.
We represent over 500 properties, which are marketed to vacationers from around the world. We’ve successfully grown our business by evolving our property management technology to deliver results, and give our owners a powerful tool to market their Hatteras Island home worldwide. Property Management is a breeze when you deploy our industry leading technology. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


With our entire team local, we can provide 
unmatched service at every level. 

We are locals and this is our backyard, so there isn’t much that’s going to surprise us. We have made Hatteras Island our home for a reason and are sure that you’ll love it too. Our team has dedicated their lives to this community and our business partners. We’re here to share our experiences and insight about the area and provide you with an accountable service. When you need someone, we’ll be here.


Your first experience with the Midgett Family will show how easy and seamless switching your properties will be.

Step 1: Fill out the form or Call us at (866) 817-2993 
Step 2: We'll get back to you as soon as possible, assess your property and answer any questions you have. 
Step 3: Leave the rest to us. 
Step 4: Welcome to the Midgett Family!