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In 2007 we began our recycling program with 140 homes in the Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo area. That summer, approximately 30 tons of recyclables were diverted from area landfills. The success of Hatteras Island and Dare County’s first curbside recycling project spurred us to add a number of homes in the Avon area for the 2008 rental season. Success! Approximately 57 tons of recyclables were collected. It was with great pride that we announced in 2009 that we had instituted curbside recycling for our entire inventory of Hatteras vacation rentals.

As stewards of the island we call home, we realized it was our responsibility to divert as much of the estimated 5,500 tons of waste produced on Hatteras Island between May and September of each year and continued to do so for the next 10 years, until the lethal combination of the trade war with China and Hurricane Dorian’s historic landfall on the Outer Banks made the cost of curbside pick-up unsustainable on Hatteras Island, bringing the program to a close in 2019.

While curbside recycling is no longer available, Dare County does offer a recycling station on Hatteras Island for individual drop-off. As guests of Midgett Realty and its homeowners, we encourage you to make the effort along with us by taking a few minutes of your precious vacation time to utilize this program to eliminate unnecessary landfill waste. Please take a few minutes out of your vacation to drop your recyclable materials off at the following location:

Buxton: Behind Fessenden Center Annex Building on Buxton Back Road. 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday; 8:30 am to Noon on Saturday.

Learn More about County Recycling and Trash Collection here