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Midgett Realty Staff Picks

Anthony Fletcher, General Manager
  • Favorite Hatteras Restaurant: Pops
  • Favorite Non-Beach Activity: Relaxing on my front porch with a cigar
  • Best Kept Secret About Hatteras: The Pamlico Sound
  • What You Love About Hatteras: The closeness of everyone, the care, and the independent life style, water-water-water-everywhere

Beth Midgett, Reservations Manager
  • Favorite Hatteras Restaurant: Hatteras Sol, Breakwater, and Dinky's - I can't pick just one!
  • Favorite Off Season/Shoulder Season Activity: Weaving, spinning, knitting...anything fiber art related, actually!
  • Best Kept Secret About Hatteras: How incredible Fall is on the island!
  • Best Place to View a Sunset: Teach's Lair Marina's sound front parking area
  • Anything you’d like to add about why you love Hatteras Island? All of the undeveloped park land between the villages. You can walk for miles on the beach without seeing anyone else, even in the height of summer!

Ashley Burrus, Sales Assistant - Avon Office
  • Favorite Hatteras Restaurant: Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant, I always start with an appetizer of tuna tartare or fried goat cheese, followed by the best duck you’ve ever had or one of the amazing fresh fish specials!
  • Favorite Place to Get a Cocktail: A Moscow Mule from Breakwater, it’s the best place to watch the sunset and cool off with a drink on the porch!
  • Favorite Breakfast Spot: Orange Blossom Bakery, in the summer I love to grab some chocolate covered donut holes or a bagel burner sandwich, a hot cup of coffee and watch the surfers down Old Lighthouse Rd.
  • Favorite Beach: I enjoy driving out to Frisco Beach, ramp 49.  There is ample space for lounging in the sun, grilling out, and it’s a perfect spot to wade into the water without a major drop-off.
  • What You Love About Life on Hatteras: Our tight-knit, fun loving community is unlike any other community in the world and I am so proud to be a part of it.  I am always amazed by the support from our community members during an event such as a storm, you can always count on your neighbors for a helping hand when needed!
Cassie Gray, Marketing Specialist
  • Your favorite Hatteras restaurant: Sonny’s Restaurant in Hatteras Village
  • Favorite off-season/shoulder season activity: Fall sunset chasing and late-night star gazing
  • Best kept secret about Hatteras: The trails in the Buxton Woods. There are all sorts of things back there that you can’t imagine from an ordinary stroll down the beaten path. There are giant sand dunes that you can skim-board down, a huge ridge with tarzan-like vines that you can climb, and a rope swing that is the scariest and most exciting 30 seconds of your life!
  • Favorite non-beach activity: Listening to my 99-year old Grandmother’s stories about the old days on Hatteras Island

Christen Waters, Maintenance Coordinator - Rodanthe Office
  • Favorite off-season/shoulder season activity: Beach Walking – The storms wash up the best treasures
  • Favorite breakfast spot: Diamond Shoals Restaurant
  • Best place to view a sunset: Salvo Day Use Area
  • Favorite non-beach activity: Taking classes at our local Art galleries
  • Anything you’d like to add? The Dancing Turtle is a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy fellowship over coffee
Dennis Robinson, Marketing Director
  • Favorite off-season/shoulder season activity: Taking Clyde the Hound on a ride around Hatteras Village in the golf cart
  • Best kept secret about Hatteras: October
  • Favorite Place to Get a Cocktail: The Breakwater - Captain and Cola
  • Favorite beach: Ramp 55
Jenny Hooper, Property Manager
  • Favorite off-season/shoulder season activity: Pier fishing
  • Favorite beach – Ramp 27 -29, Salvo
  • Best place to view a sunset – Salvo Day Use area
  • What you love about life on Hatteras – its laid back, weather can change in an instant so be ready with a camera!
Karen Greenwood, Reservation Sales Manager
  • Favorite Restaurant:  Dinkys (dinner) and Hatteras Sol (lunch)
  • Favorite Non-Beach Activity:
  • Favorite breakfast spot: Orange Blossoms – BLT Bagel w/cream cheese
  • What you love about life on Hatteras?  Only 2 stoplights for 60 miles, the small community spirit, and being surrounded by so much of God’s natural beauty

Paul Cimino, Property Manager, Avon Office
  • Favorite Hatteras Restaurant: My favorite restaurant on Hatteras Island is Dinky's Restaurant.  Great Steaks and Seafood and the service is always great!
  • Favorite Place for a Cocktail: If you are looking for a place to kick back and relax with some comfort food or just some spiced shrimp and a cocktail or beer, Pop's in Buxton is the place for you. I love the easy going atmosphere with good food and a dry martini.
  • Favorite Off Seaon Activity: In the off-season there is almost always a breathtaking sunset and most nights, when you look up, the sky is so clear that the stars look like diamonds in the sky
  • Favorite Breakfast Spot: Get a huge plateful of the best waffles, pancakes, omelet or egg dishes and more at the ACC Cafe in Rodanthe. You'll love every bite, the service is great and you may have a hard time eating all that great food.
  • Favorite Beach: For the best chance for a quiet time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA, go to the Frisco Beach. Less traveled and long stretches of beach make it a relaxing place to swim, sunbathe or fish. 
  • Best place to view a sunset: The best sunset can be seen at the Canadian Hole, a stretch of beach between Avon and Buxton.

Sam Midgett, Property Manager, Hatteras Office
  • Favorite Hatteras Restaurant: Hatteras Sol. They have a deliciously innovative menu with fresh, local seafood and a specials board that is always unique.
  • Favorite Place for a Cocktail: Hatteras Sol is a homerun because in addition to great food, they also have good beer on tap if you want to have a drink while watching one Hatteras Island’s infamous sunsets, a moment I love to share with my wife, Liz.
  • Favorite Off Season Activity: Hatteras Island is one of the best surf breaks on the East Coast and fall/winter is when we get the best waves. I am always more than happy to get out in the water and have some fun catching waves.
  • What You Love About Life on Hatteras: I love that I get to share my life with my family and friends in such a beautiful and unique place. I can’t imagine a better place to raise my family. Surrounded by water, there is always something fun to enjoy whether I’m by myself or spending time with someone I love.

Susie Scholten, Sales Broker
  • Favorite Hatteras Restaurant: Bro's for a quick bite
  • Favorite Off Season Activity: Every season on the island has a good feel, but shoulder season (especially fall) is my favorite.
  • Best Kept Secret About Hatteras: Buxton Woods Trails
  • Favorite Beach: Hatteras at Ramp 55
  • Best place to view a sunset: Canadian Hole parking lot