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Journey to Learn More About Hatteras Island History

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Hatteras Island is a wonderful place to spend quality time with family and friends when you’re looking to step away from the hustle of life for a while. Here, you can easily access stunning shorelines, delicious eateries, unique entertainment and great shopping too. Hatteras Island is also a destination rich in history, making it a prime place for those who enjoy pursuing stories of the past during their travels. When you have three days to spare in the name of getaway fun, the following itinerary will ensure you hit all of the best Hatteras Island history stops along the way.

Day 1

On this first day of your stay on Hatteras Island, be sure to enjoy a hearty breakfast in the comfort and style of your vacation rental booked through Midgett Realty. Afterward, you’ll be heading to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for an encounter with history and a great view too. Over 1 million bricks were used to construct the lighthouse which towers into the sky and has been guiding ships safely to shore in the area since 1870 and rises nearly 200 feet into the air. It’s easy to spot thanks to the bold black and white striped exterior that’s fascinating to observe up-close and also makes for a great photo opportunity. If you’re looking to maximize the view, climb more than 200 stairs to the top to reach the observation deck and make the most of sweeping water and shoreline views from a bird’s eye perspective.

Explore Underwater Hatteras Island History

After lunch, it’s time to take your historic connections under the waves with a stop at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. This destination is endlessly intriguing and also free to enjoy every day of the week. You’ll find the museum near the ferry docks to Ocracoke Island and upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to browse a wide variety of exhibits and displays that tell the story of maritime disasters off the coast of Hatteras Island. In fact, there are more than 600 shipwrecks below the waves here with many incidents occurring as a result of Diamond Shoals and shifting sandbars. The exhibits and displays offer up a look at Coast Guard memorabilia as well as artifacts from the wrecks themselves. Afterward, if you’re so inspired, you could book a guided dive to the very wreck sights you just learned about!

Day 2

The second day of your Hatteras Island getaway with a focus on Hatteras Island history will take you to the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Museum. This unique stop is found on Hatteras Island in the village of Rodanthe. The Chicamacomic Lifesaving Museum pays homage to the U.S. Life-Saving Service with a mission to preserve, protect, restore, educate, and interpret the history of those who dedicated their lives to saving others. You’ll find a unique variety of artifacts related to the life-saving station and the stories of success that were earned along the way.

Dig into Native History

After a lunch enjoyed in scenic Rodanthe, it’s time to make your way to the Frisco Native American Museum. The afternoon will be dedicated to digging into the tribal past of Hatteras Island and learning more about those who called the area home long before settlers ever arrived on the shorelines. The Frisco Native American Museum opened to the public in 1987 and functions as a non-profit educational foundation. The building it’s housed in is over 100 years old making the structure itself a testament to time. The museum is open year-round and hosts a collection of Native American artifacts and information that showcases a variety of tribal cultures and traditions.

Day 3

The last day of your historic journey to Hatteras Island has you spending time at the U.S. Weather Bureau Station and Hatteras Welcome Center. Found on Kohler Road in Hatteras Village, this location dates back to 1901 and served as an important place for weather observation gatherings for forecasters. It was one of just 11 such buildings constructed with this purpose at the turn of the century. The former station and welcome center were restored by the National Park Service so that a visit today gives you a glimpse of what it would have authentically looked like in 1901. Just look for the yellow exterior and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Get Ghostly to End Your Historic Adventure

Tonight, it’s time to embrace the paranormal experiences you just might find on Hatteras Island and dig into a past that goes well beyond understanding. Booking a Hatteras Island Ghost Tour is a fun and fascinating way to learn more about the island’s less tangible past. Hatteras Island has a trade history dating back to the 1600s which means there are plenty of legends, tales, and ghost stories linked to the area. A walking ghost tour alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide can offer up some insight into the hauntings reported at some of the island’s most iconic destinations. If you’re looking to return to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum once more before you return home, they also organize ghost tours with a focus on naval history.

Book Your Hatteras Island Stay Today

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