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Hatteras Island's Favorite Recipes

Plated Oysters

Enjoy your stay on Hatteras Island with some recipes inspired by coastal roots and fresh seafood! We've provided you with a few of our favorite recipes for inspiration, or you can check out our Hatteras dining guide for a night out on the town. Whether you're looking for seafood, pizza, chinese or a savory treat, Hatteras has it all. 

Popcorn Balls with Sea Salt on Hatteras Island

The holidays are a‘coming and no matter the time of the year, we always like to integrate the beach into our theme one way or another.

Hatteras Cake on Hatteras Island

If you're eating at a Hatteras Island table be sure to bring an elastic waistband, because just when you think you can't stuff any more in, they start passing the desserts. Here enters the delicious Hatteras Cake.

Watergate Salad on Hatteras Island

Bouncing around the holiday table, sides are just as crucial as the main course. No one is eating turkey or ham without their favorite sides, am I right? For those of you salty/sweet lovers out there, you're sure to enjoy this light, sugary treat served on Hatteras Island tables year-round with hot meals, potlucks and holiday feasts! Best part?

Kinnakeet Cornbread on Hatteras Island

As the holidays are just around the corner, we can’t help but summon feelings of warmth. Escaping the cool air under a warm blanket. Bringing your home to life with the warm scent of a candle. Filling a room with warm string lights. The kitchen overflowing with smells of a warm meal. A table surrounded by hearts filled with love and warmth.

Hatteras Island Holiday Recipes

For most of us, the Holidays are a special time of more ways than one! The nostalgia, the hustle and bustle, the coziness of chunky sweaters and warm blankets. Holiday music, intricately designed store windows, inspirational and heart-warming movies that make you want to immediately give your entire bank account to the first person who needs it. Glitter, glitter and MORE glitter--it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Hatteras Island Recipes

Sick of the traditional turkey and ham? Want to change up your Holiday menu this year? Need some Hatteras Island flavor in your life to ward off the oncoming winter blues? We have just the thing! Try this super simple island recipe for Oyster Stew. Even those who are domestically challenged can pull-off this crowd pleaser!

Hatteras Island Recipes

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may be thinking of your menu with disdain for the dreaded all-day turkey cook-off. If you want to mix it up this year, add some island flavor and prepare a Hatteras-style feast instead.