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COVID-19 Updates

Eating Out on Hatteras Island During Phase 1

Policies currently in place for Dare County align with North Carolina’s three-phased approach to lift restrictions put in place due to COVID-19. Phase 1 of the plan is currently in effect, meaning under the state's executive order guidelines, Hatteras Island restaurants and bars are only allowed to open on a carry-out basis.

Grocery Shopping on Hatteras Island

Like most areas across the nation, there are some hot ticket items that are harder to find on the grocery store shelves since the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping across the nation. Items that are suffering from a country-wide shortage, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and so on, are low in stock on Hatteras Island as well.

COVID-19 Emergency Alert

Over the past couple of days, conversations about how government officials will go about opening the United States have begun on both a national and state level, emphasizing the need for lifting restrictions incrementally.