Home Blog Dining Out on Hatteras Island During Phase 1


Policies currently in place for Dare County align with North Carolina’s three-phased approach to lift restrictions put in place due to COVID-19. Phase 1 of the plan is currently in effect, meaning under the state’s executive order guidelines, Hatteras Island restaurants and bars are only allowed to open on a carry-out basis. That’s right, no dining in, and that does include their outside spaces.


While eating out is one of the joys of vacationing (who wants to cook when it’s gorgeous outside?!), we wanted to encourage you to get your taste of the island regardless of the current restrictions. Many Hatteras restaurants are open to serve you carry-out and welcome your arrival. To help you navigate your options during Phase 1, we have created a comprehensive list of restaurants on Hatteras Island, along with their open/closed status. Be sure to give our friendly restaurateurs a try and stay tuned for Phase 2, when dining in will become more steadily available.

Hatteras Island Eateries