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Coastal Distancing

Learning about Art on Hatteras Island

The art community is strong on Hatteras Island. The natural beauty of the island is an inspiration for artists near and far, and many have chosen to open up shop and share their creativity with the world. During this time of Coastal Distance Learning on Hatteras Island, we’ve researched what some of our favorite artisans and teachers are doing to instill their passion for art into all who embrace it.

Coastal Distance Learning on Hatteras Island

Let’s talk about “Coastal Distance Learning.” We’ve long since established that in this time of COVID-19, vacation rental homes are the safe bet. We’ve also noted that as far as drive-to destinations are concerned, Hatteras Island is where it’s at: clean beaches, warm water, scenery, beautiful fall weather conducive to outdoor activities, friendly community, all of it. What we haven’t touched on how this can be wonderful learning opportunity for your family.

Coastal Distance on Hatteras Island

In the current state of things around the globe, it seems safe to say that all any of us really wants is a break. Stress levels have been firing on all cylinders and it seems that everyone is impacted by Covid-19 in one way or another.