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As Covid-19 continues to sweep across the globe and the United States, many schools will be closing their classrooms in order to take an online, remote learning approach. While this will obviously create an abundance of challenges (as if a global pandemic isn’t enough), it will also create some flexibility in where you’re able to be over the next few months. While we’ve already established that “Coastal Distance Learning” in a Midgett Realty vacation rental home on Hatteras Island is an opportunity that you should seize, we wanted to help you as parents creatively dive into this unique educational journey that you and your child(ren) are about to embark upon together over the coming months. While these ideas are in no way meant to pose as an educational curriculum, they can definitely make learning exciting, and might enhance your child’s learning experience, while also creating fond memories during what could otherwise be remembered as a rough time.

Channeling silver linings, we’ve created a series of learning activities and separated them by subject to help make this school year a little more manageable. Be safe, get smarter and have FUN on Hatteras Island!