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Fun Hatteras Activities

Hatteras activities

There is no shortage of fun activities when it comes to vacationing at a property on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks. From watersports to museums, sightseeing, and shopping, there's something for everyone. This section of our blog explores the variety that Hatteras Island offers for our guests. Biking, fishing, yoga, surfing, kiteboarding, and more. We hope this makes planning your Hatteras Island vacation easier and more enjoyable, no matter where you interests lie. Enjoy!

Self-Care on Hatteras Island

No matter what’s driving you to Hatteras Island, it only makes sense to hit up some self-care services while you’re already in one of the most peaceful places on Earth!

There’s nothing like the holiday season on Hatteras Island, North Carolina. Located on one of the most pristine barrier islands in the Carolinas, cutting through between the majestic Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Pamlico Sound.

Top 5 TTD on Hatteras Island

It’s not unheard of to need a vacation from your vacation--just a few days to catch up on rest from all of the go-go-go. Your trip to Hatteras Island can be whatever you make it, but the general vibe is pretty low-key and life seems to slow down a little when you step into island time.

5K's on Hatteras Island

As the saying goes “sitting is the new smoking”, so hop on out of that desk chair and sign up for one of the 4 Outer Banks 5K's taking place this fall!

Day at The Docks on Hatteras Island, NC

There is always fun to be had on Hatteras Island, no matter the season. As summer is quickly coming to a close and the cooler days of fall will be here before we know it, we want to share two family fun events held annually in Hatteras Village that are must attends, should you be able to make it to this little place that we know and love.

Photo Courtesy of Hatteras Yoga

Are you counting down the days for your upcoming Hatteras Island beach vacation? While there is no shortage of good times while you’re here, we have created a collaborative list of the top 3 classes available to you while you’re staying on this little sandbar that we all know and love.

Hatteras Hillbilly 5K

In April of last year, the Midgett Realty team was rocked when one of our own lost her battle with cancer. Monica Scarborough, a long-standing Reservations Sales Agent, was a beloved friend and member of the Midgett Realty team.

Sea Oats on Hatteras Island

It can be nice to get away from the familiar from time to time, to escape the everyday if you will. Lucky for you, Hatteras Island provides just the retreat you need, because as the whole package deal, it doesn’t get much better than this.