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Fun Hatteras Activities

Hatteras activities

There is no shortage of fun activities when it comes to vacationing at a property on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks. From watersports to museums, sightseeing, and shopping, there's something for everyone. This section of our blog explores the variety that Hatteras Island offers for our guests. Biking, fishing, yoga, surfing, kiteboarding, and more. We hope this makes planning your Hatteras Island vacation easier and more enjoyable, no matter where you interests lie. Enjoy!

Free Things to do on Hatteras Island

In comparison to other vacation destinations, Hatteras Island is definitely a more budget-friendly place to visit, with a variety of activities that are both fun and Instagram-worthy and even better - FREE!

Things to do on Hatteras Island

You’ve got 7 days and 7 villages. There’s no way we can pick and choose 7 restaurants, so we’ve created a “Small Course Crawl” mapped out by village, allowing you to sample what some of the best restaurants in each village have to offer.

Things to do on Hatteras Island

Unfortunately, the weather gods cannot always be wrangled and thus, from time to time, it rains at the beach. For this very purpose, we have put together a list of fun things to do when the rain tries to ruin your vacay but you refuse to let it.

Wellness on Hatteras Island

On Hatteras Island you have long stretches of clean beaches and plenty of beautiful, blue water to go along with it, so what better place to come to engage in some wellness activities that you’ll actually enjoy? And the scenery? Well, that’s just an added bonus! Come celebrate your health on Hatteras Island with a wellness vacation.

Top 4 Water Sports For The Thrill-Seeking Enthusiast

People come to the beach for a variety of reasons and although it is largely just miles of unadulterated and uninhabited seashore, Hatteras Island is surprisingly diverse so it appeals to an array of vacationers.