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Salty Reflections

Day at the Docks 2016

Saturday, September 17th, marked the 12th Annual Day at the Docks, a festival in Hatteras Village that celebrates the watermen of Hatteras Island.

Pamlico Sound from Highway 12 in Hatteras Village

February is generally the coldest month on Hatteras Island, but this year has been fairly warm with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. Sunny days have brought islanders and guests outside to play, getting an early start on Spring's rejuvenating work.

1st Jetty, January 2016

With only a couple of short cold spells, islanders and residents were able to enjoy balmy days in the sun throughout most of January. As the seasons go through their cycles, powerful sunsets of winter made quite the spectacle, while the island rests and prepares for another season of friends and guests.

Photo Credit: Jody Chudzik

Fall From the Hatteras Island Local’s Perspective:

When you’re born and raised on Hatteras Island, you experience life a little differently than most. Not just in the small-town way, that is both charming and intimidating, but in a cyclical manner of extremes. From Easter to Thanksgiving,

Frisco beach on Hatteras Island

Every day on Hatteras Island is a gift. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, there is no place we'd rather be and we are so humbled that we, the Midgett Realty family and team, are able to call this place home.