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Fall From the Hatteras Island Local’s Perspective:

When you’re born and raised on Hatteras Island, you experience life a little differently than most. Not just in the small-town way, that is both charming and intimidating, but in a cyclical manner of extremes. From Easter to Thanksgiving, island residents are running on overdrive to earn their living. During the slow winter months, they are steadily preparing for the following season, upgrading, renovating and creating to ensure our guests receive the ultimate island experience while they’re here. They also take that time to reconnect with friends and family, hunkering together and taking care of one another during the cold winter months. It’s that space between those two extremes that is so magical: Fall.

Fall on Hatteras Island is much like stepping off of a rollercoaster. You’re still reeling from the excitement, but you’re no longer holding your breathe from the dips and swirls. In the Fall months, the cooler air combined with painted skies create the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings and taking the family to the beach for an after work run around to release some energy. Our visiting friends start to thin out, allowing for a more one-on-one and intimate experience with those who stick around. There is suddenly time for things like cooking, gardening, fishing or any other hobby you might enjoy, and the plethora of Pinterest projects you’ve been dying to tackle. Ultimately, it’s a chance to catch your breath after a season of hustling, and relax, appreciating this beautiful place we call home with those that we love.