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Have you ever been to the Native American Museum? Have you ever been to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the nation’s tallest? Have you ever been to a maritime forest? Do you know what a maritime forest is? Have you swam in the ocean? Felt the white Carolina sand between your toes? Have you sat on the dock of a marina and watched fishermen unload a full day’s catch? Have you sat in a restaurant overlooking the water and peeled freshly steamed shrimp right out of the very waters from which you swam? When you peeled those shrimp, was the sky painted in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece showing off nature’s richest colors?


Ever wish life was just that simple? On Hatteras Island, it truly is.


A barrier island off of the East Coast of North Carolina, there aren’t any fast food restaurants or high rises…there are barely any stop lights (only three to be exact)! With a slower pace of life, you come to notice the beauty in the simple things, which is what Hatteras Island is all about. They don’t call it “island time” for nothing! With so much nature surrounding you, you can find fun on the water through swimming, fishing, watersports and more. You can get exercise through beach yoga, beach running or trail hiking (just to name a few). You can find your souvenirs through beachcombing for shells and starfish. You can find your dinner through surf fishing or booking a charter. There is SO much to learn at the museums and on guided tours by air, by horse, by watercraft! If you want to get back to the simple things and reset, Hatteras Island is the place for you.