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Like most areas across the nation, there are some hot ticket items that are harder to find on the grocery store shelves since the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping across the nation. Items that are suffering from a country-wide shortage, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and so on, are low in stock on Hatteras Island as well. If you are able to bring those items with you, we recommend that you do so.

That being said, our local grocers are prepared for your arrival and welcome you to shop in their stores during your time on Hatteras Island. While many folks make their initial shop at Food Lion, the island’s only chain grocery store, locally owned and operated grocers and retailers are also well stocked as they too have continued to serve the community of Hatteras Island during this unprecedented event. If one store is out of an item or two, don’t hesitate to do a supplemental shop at one of the island’s other grocery stores.

Below we have provided a full list of grocery retailers for your convenience.

Hatteras Island Grocery Stores

Island Convenience

Waves Market & Deli

Food Lion

Red Drum Food Mart
Conner’s Supermarket

Bob’s Tackle
Frisco Market

The Village Red & White
Lee Robinson General Store