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North Carolina Sightseeing Journey to Hatteras Island

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When travel plans bring you to scenic and exciting Hatteras Island, it’s easy to fill an itinerary with attractions, landmarks, and activities of all kinds. If you only have three days to spare in the name of vacation fun, the following itinerary is designed to make sure you make the most of your North Carolina sightseeing opportunities. From shorelines and museums to trails and time on the water, it’s bound to be an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Day 1

After a savory breakfast to fuel up for the fun ahead in the comfort of your vacation rental booked through Midgett Realty, you’ll be heading out to the beach to kick things off right on your Hatteras Island sightseeing adventure. A trip this way without time on the sand just isn’t complete and the good news is, there’s no shortage of public beaches to explore. Take a stroll with family and friends, settle in and savor the sights or watch the shorebirds look for fare. Either way, it’s an activity worth starting with when you want to get a feeling for the landscape you’ve come to enjoy, and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Get a New View on It All

This afternoon, take time to climb the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and enjoy a bird’s eye view on the amazing terrain. It’s estimated that over a million bricks were used to build the lighthouse which is easy to spot thanks to its black and white striped façade. When you arrive, grab your photos, and then get ready to climb 200 stairs to the top where you can make the most of amazing sights from the observation deck. The lighthouse is open year-round but if you want to climb, that’s a fall, spring, or summer activity exclusively.

Learn About Shipwrecks

The final stop on day one of your sightseeing adventure is the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. This museum is free to the public and is found near the ferry docks to Ocracoke Island. As you wander through, you’ll learn more about the area’s maritime history as well as the more than 600 shipwrecks that sit under the waves just off the shoreline. You’ll get your eyes on Coast Guard memorabilia, shipwreck artifacts and even have the chance to look at a 12-foot lens that was used in the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse after being designed in 1854.

Day 2

The second day of your sightseeing Hatteras Island journey has you exploring the wildlife that thrive across the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. This is a one-stop resource for accessing over 400 species of birds as well as turtles, mammals, and more. It’s a day trip worth bringing your binoculars along for and there are plenty of sound side boardwalks to stroll along. Stop in at the Visitor Center to check out any current programs or events taking place when you visit too.

Get Out on the Water

The sightseeing in nature theme continues on day two because your next stop is to rent a kayak through Kitty Hawk Kites and spend some quality time sightseeing on the waves. Hatteras Island is surrounded by rich waters where you can enjoy wildlife spotting, fishing, or putting your nature photography to work from a unique vantage point.

Ride the Ferry

A simple way to make the most of North Carolina sightseeing fun this evening is to ride the ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke Island. The ride is around 40 minutes total and along the way, you’ll enjoy wonderful shoreline views. You can even see the Ocracoke Lighthouse from this viewpoint which makes for a great photo opportunity.

Day 3

The final day of your sightseeing journey to Hatteras Island focuses on a morning trip to the Life-Saving Station. This building sits on the National Register of Historic Places and has been restored to reflect its former glory. Located south of the Herber C. Bonner Bridge, the Life-Saving Station is a place to take photos, enjoy the surrounding scenery, and learn more about the past of Hatteras Island.

Enjoy Horseback Riding Adventures

Enjoying time on the trails on horseback is a great way to soak up the sights and sounds of Hatteras Island and that’s just what you’ll be doing this afternoon. Partner up with one of the local stables and book a tour alongside a knowledgeable guide that takes you through the Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore alike. You’ll get a new and refreshing perspective on the terrain this way!

Visit the Ocean Center

The last stop on your journey is the Hatteras Island Ocean Center. This is a fun for all ages stop where you can learn more about the ocean, wetlands, and marine conservation as well. It’s an easy walk from Hatteras Village which means you can find fantastic dining options to top off your day on a savory note when you’re done exploring.

Book Your Stay in Style Today

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