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Outer Banks Surfing

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The Best Surfing on the Atlantic

The Outer Banks has world-class surfing. When the winds and the waves line up, this special string of barrier islands has countless peaks of perfect waves. Because of its unique geography, sitting at the apex of the Outer Banks, Hatteras Island has some of the best surfing on the Atlantic Coast.

Fun Surfing for all Levels

On your Hatteras Island Vacation, you can surf perfect peeling waves. But you don’t need to be a pro to surf on Hatteras. Hatteras has many beach breaks and different waves. This make it possible for beginners to learn to surf on quality waves.

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Hatteras Island Surf Seasons

Spring Surf on Hatteras

Even though the water stays cold, spring can produce excellent surf on Hatteras. Swells keep coming from the north, and the crowds are still sparse.

Summer Surf on Hatteras

The beginning of the summer brings both the hurricane season and the crowds. Waves to the south, like Frisco, can get really good in the summer. Summer is also when the crowds are the biggest.

Fall Surf on Hatteras

Fall is best time for surf in the Outer Banks. Crowds thin out, the winds go off-shore, and the water stays warm till October. Surfers say, there’s no better spot to be than Hatteras in the Fall.

Winter Surf on Hatteras

Winter on Hatteras is for hardcore surfers. The winds are out of the northwest and the water temps get into the 30s. If you want to keep it real, surf Hatteras Island in the winter.

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Hatteras Island Surf Spots

Hatteras Light House

The Hatteras light house is the classic surf spot of the Outer Banks. This beach break is consistent, easy to find, and high quality. The Cape Hatteras Light House Road takes you right to the parking lot.

Frisco Pier

With a 4 x 4 access car, you can go past the Hatteras Light House and take that road all the way to the Frisco Pier sign. On good days, the waves are powerful, fun, and very long, up to 500 meters.

Outer Banks Beach Club

Also know simple as OB Beach Club, this wave isn’t far from the Hatteras Light House. As you drive north on highway 12, keep your eyes peeled for the 17th Street Surf shop. Take a right and look for Outer Banks Beach Club. Fun wave that can get up to 300 meters long on a good North -East swell.

S Turns

Located on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, S Turns is a beach break at the end of pea island, just north of Rodanthe. S Turns is a Classic, one of the best waves on outer banks, so please show respect. It can be very crowded in the summer.

Rodanthe Pier

In the Town of Rodanthe, right between the lighthouse and the Oregon inlet, you’ll find this powerful beach break. Rodanthe Pier can get heavy and fun. Rides can get as long as 300 meters.

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