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Prize Wave's First Week of Giveaways!

13 Jun 2011
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Midgett Realty's "Get Striped" Campaign is back for another great season!  We are rewarding our guests with great new prizes, gift certificates and more!  All of our Midgett Realty guests are given bracelets, and a bumper sticker at check-in, that they are to wear, and place on their vehicles while they are here on vacation!  Each week the "Prize Wave" will be out and about in each village, giving out prizes to guests spotted wearing their gear.  Some of this year's prizes include t-shirts, trek bottles, hats, travel mugs, acrylic tumblers, beach buckets, croakies, football rockets and Midgett Realty beach towels!  So be sure to "Show Your Stripes" everywhere you go, you never know where we may spot you!