Looking for some live music in the evening, after a day on the beach!?  Look no further; there is live music on the island all week!  The Breakwater Restaurant, Captain Rolo’s, Kaia’s Kitchen, Sandbar & Grille, Teach’s Lair and the Little Grove Church are places that have LIVE music each week!  Relax and unwind each evening with a little live music!

Tonight there will be LIVE music at the Breakwater Restaurant with Rory lasting from 7-9pm.  Sandbar & Grille will be having Scott Franson and Christie Young beginning around 9:30pm.

Thursday night there will also be LIVE music at Breakwater Restaurant with Elijah Thompson from 7-9pm.  Jack Quidley will be playing his solo acoustic act at Teach’s Island Bar and Grill starting around 7pm as well.   Kaia’s Kitchen holds their Open Mic nights every Thursday from 7-11pm.

Friday night Rory will be playing again at the Breakwater Restaurant from 7-9pm.   Captain Rolo’s will also be Having live music Friday night beginning around 9pm and lasting late into the night!  The Frisco Jubilee will be playing every Friday night at Little Grove Church beginning at 7:30pm.

Peer Pressure will be playing this Saturday at the Sandbar & Grille beginning around 9:30pm and lasting later into the night.   Also, Elijah will be playing again at the Breakwater Restaurant, from 7-9pm.

This Sunday Breakwater will be having live music on the deck with Wayne James, from 7-9pm.

You don’t want to miss out on these great events!   Be sure to check them out this week and weekend, they are all very talented, and it is sure to be a good time!