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Sea Breeze Trail in Hatteras Village

26 Oct 2011
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The Sea Breeze Trail in Hatteras Village takes you on an educational journey through the salt marsh and the upland maritime forest.  There are numerous types of plants and animal species in the park.  Brass numbers located on the railings of the walkway show the different plant species along the trail.  The park is a beautiful and peaceful place, perfect for an afternoon adventure.  If you are in Hatteras Village and looking for a serene trail to explore, look no further than the Sea Breeze Trail.  Check out the slide show of some great photos from the Park.  See if you can match up the plant types: Loblolly Pine, Black Needlerush, Waxmyrtle, Red Juniper, Saltmarsh Cordgrass, Saltmeadow Cordgrass, Redbay, Live Oak, Salt Pruning, Dwarf Palmetto, Yaupon Holly, Cotton Bush, Virginia Saltmarsh Mallow.