With only seven villages and roughly 5,000 residents to occupy it’s mere 50 miles of seashore, Hatteras Island is a very cozy place to live indeed. Within the typical small-town traditions that certainly do exist here, lives a large holiday spirit and a uniqueness and charm that could spread cheer for days. With nearly every village putting on their own program or play, carolers going from door to door and cookie exchanges that would make even Santa jealous, Hatteras Island doesn’t mess around when it comes to the holiday season. Hatteras Village always decorates to the nines and this year is no exception as they will be hosting their island-wide Christmas parade this weekend, an annual tradition that was rescheduled due to a little winter shower. Santa also makes quite a few appearances on Hatteras Island as he teams up with the fire departments in each village, who take him around on their trucks with the sirens blaring, making sure all of the boys and girls know he’s still watching, and will be coming to visit them soon.

Take a peek at the slideshow above to check out some of the decorations put up around town, and please know that Hatteras Island and Midgett Realty wish a warm and wonderful holiday season to you and yours! If you’re looking for a getaway for the holidays next year, you won’t be disappointed by the holiday spirit on Hattears Island. Be sure to check out Midgett Realty for an Outer Banks vacation getaway for you and your family.