Not everyone is able to live on the coast all year round, so why not bring that calm, relaxing feeling of the beach into your home? While bead board and architectural elements aren’t always attainable, that’s not to say the beachy feel can’t be achieved. Why not start with a fresh coat of paint in a soft palette? Aquas, airy greens and blues will certainly do the trick, but don’t hesitate to start with calming neutrals and layer in the color with other elements if needed.

Sometimes committing to a color other than a neutral can be incredibly intimidating. Choosing the right shade/hue/color, neutral or not, is such a process. However, once you’ve found the right one, it’s so rewarding and the great thing about going with a coastal decor is that it is so easily adaptable to one’s personal preference. A soft palette may not seem appealing to everyone, and that’s okay! Those who tend to gravitate towards bolder color choices can pull off the look with comfort also. Reds, oranges and other colors with more emphasis are just as easily transformed into beach havens. It’s all a matter of balance, which will come later in the process, but first, start with a color that you love, that comforts you and most importantly, you can live with on a daily basis. This starting point will be your base. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it either! You can go bold with stripes or if you have a chair rail, you can use that to break up a two-toned wall, or you can try your hand at a statement wall depending on the space.

While the possibilities are endless, just try to breathe. Once you find your color palette, it’s smooth-sailing from there!

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