Home Blog Design Tip Tuesday: Adding Textiles


Great news! We’ve moved some things around and Midgett Realty’s Design Tips have moved to Tuesdays!

When the paint is on the walls and your staple pieces are in place, the fun part begins. Making your coastal look feel like home is all about the textiles you choose. Like I’ve said before, no matter what your style, there is always room for the beach. My favorite thing to do to liven a room up is to layer patterns and prints. It gives your room more depth, while also creating a place that is aesthetically pleasing. The good thing about patterned materials such as curtains, pillows, rugs and chairs, is that you can always throw them in another room when you get bored to create a totally different fun space.

Combining patterns can be a little intimidating for some, you just have to remember a couple basic rules of balance and you’re set! When determining your paint color(s), you probably chose your entire color palette to help resolve your final decision, but depending, you may have skipped that step. If that’s the case, in order to avoid your space from looking like a complete unorganized mess, you will want to limit your palette to three to five colors per room. One, maybe even two, of those colors should be used sparingly to add a little pop.

Once you’ve nailed down your color scheme, you are going to want to choose patterns in a scaled variety. For instance, if you have two blue throw pillows side by side, they will look more cohesive if you have one in a large print and one in a small print. You don’t want them to fight to overpower the other, but rather complement each other. When choosing your textiles, definitely don’t forget to add in some solids and texture to break up the space.

Finally, you are going to want to evenly distribute the patterns throughout the room so all of the visual weight isn’t in one area. Don’t put all of the patterns in your bedding. Remember, that window on the other side of the room and that chair in the corner. Toss in a fun throw rug to balance out that fun wallpaper you love. You’ll know if it’s not right. Just trust your instincts!

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