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Welcome back to Midgett Realty! We’re guessing you’ve noticed a few changes around here…


As we all know, technology changes in the blink of an eye. With cellphones and tablets dominating the market with their browsing convenience, we quickly saw the need to be able to book, or at least browse, your Hatteras Island beach vacation from those same platforms. Why not make it as easy as possible? With that, we have redesigned www.midgettrealty.com to be fully responsive. For the technologically challenged, what that means is when you pull up our site it will change ever so slightly to accommodate whatever device you are on. For instance, when you are on a mobile phone, navigation will change in order to make browsing more convenient for the fingertip as you will no longer have the precision of a mouse.


Finding your vacation rental has never been easier. With various ways to search, you’ll be able to find a selection of homes that suits your needs. Keep coming to the same home year after year? We’ve made it more convenient to search for that property as well. Try one of these methods of search today:

Search Alphabetically
Search By Village
Search By Location
Search Pet-Friendly Homes
-Autofill Search Bar


Find the perfect vacation rental using various methods, beginning with the homepage


Convenient snippet pages make searching easy on tablets and mobile devices


Snippet pages will take you to freshly designed landing pages that make searching a breeze.


Narrow down your search with easy-to-use filters like the ones shown above.


Auto-fill search bars can be found on the homepage and in the footer throughout the entire site – start typing in your home of choice and the name comes up!



New easy-to-use tabs on individual property details pages allow you to find the information you need with the click of button. Quickly navigate between the various details of your favorite vacation properties to find the information you’re looking for. Enlarged photos and floorplans in addition to new rate tables and calendars make booking the right house a breeze!


Are you traveling with multiple groups of friends or family and need to book more than one home? With our new cluster mapping, you can easily see what homes are nearby so you can all stay near each other. It’s never been easier to find and book multiple homes in one area!

Cluster mapping shows what homes are in the nearby vicinity



Planning your vacation can now be done in the click of a button, and it will work just as well on mobile phones and tablets as it does on desktop computers! With our new “Explore Hatteras” landing page you have instant access to the island’s hottest attractions, upcoming events, shops, restaurants, services and more!




GuestWeb is now easier to find and easy to use! Use the login button at the top of the page or the click on the GuestWeb tab at the bottom of the page. Sign-in and view your lease or make payments to become one step closer to your Hatteras Island beach vacation!


Guests and Owners can login in one easy to find location


Our goal is to make finding the perfect vacation rental as easy as possible. We hope you like the changes and find the perfect home away from home that suits your every need! Let the countdown to your next Hatteras Island beach vacation begin!