Home Blog 7 Days, 7 Villages: A Week on Hatteras Island: Salvo Edition


Once known as “Clark”, Salvo is the third most northern village on Hatteras Island, and the most southern of the locally coined “Tri-Villages”. Quiet and peaceful, this tiny town is chock-full of history and perfect for a nice day on the water. Again, we’d recommend touring the village of Salvo on a day with optimal weather so that you can get the most out of her outdoor pleasures, and be sure to bring a cooler in the event you want to bring home some tasty treasures for a delicious dinner feast.

9:00am: Start at the most southern end of the village at the local Day Use Area. Take some time to walk the shores of the Pamlico Sound, hunting for treasure and exploring the wildlife. This is a perfect area to try your hand at clamming and allow the kids to get in on some crabbing adventures. Another fun activity once they’ve caught a few? Crab Races!

11:00am: You’ll probably want to drive as a day in the sun tends to wear us out, but if you’re up for it, you can leave your car at the Day Use Area and use the new bike paths to walk or bike to your next stop on the tour. Head over to Pea Island Art Gallery and check out various works by local and regional artists in a historic replica of the 1874 Chicamacomico Life Saving Station.

11:30am: Cut across Highway 12 to the South Beach Subdivision and head to the beach! With a short walk you’ll stumble upon the shipwrecked Pocahontas, locally known as “The Old Richmond”.  On calm, clear days, snorkelers and free divers can swim out to the wreck and get an up-close and personal view of the vessel’s remains, instantly bringing back to life one of the many unfortunate ships that have become victim to the harsh conditions in the Graveyard of The Atlantic.

1:00pm: Tummies are starting to growl, but there aren’t any restaurants within the Salvo line. Enjoy a packed picnic lunch or head to neighboring Waves and Rodanthe for a tasty lunch. Check out the “Hatteras Restaurants” page under the “Explore Hatteras” tab for a list of restaurants in the area.

2:00pm: Head back into town and let your lunch digest while you take in the second smallest Post Office building in the nation. Originally built in 1910, the 8×12’ building holds the post office lobby and postmaster’s workroom. This restoration was done after the original building was damaged by a fire in 1992.

2:30pm: Cut back across Highway 12 and take the crew to Hatteras Watersports. Choose through a variety of activities from jet skis to paddleboards and wrap up your time with a self-guided eco-adventure kayak tour!

4:30pm: After a day of fun in the sun, cool down at Village Conery with your favorite flavor and chill out with the crowd as you enjoy your frozen treat. As Salvo doesn’t have any restaurants, talk to your crowd about dinner in a different village and perhaps try a restaurant that isn’t on the tour or hit your favorite spot for seconds! Can’t decide? Ask an islander what their favorite spot is and enjoy a delicious meal like the locals do!