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Even in the middle of winter when you wouldn’t typically think of coming to the beach, Hatteras Island is still one of the most romantic locations on the Eastern Seaboard. The island isn’t in full swing, but there is just enough open for the lover’s holiday, combined with the Seashore’s natural beauty, to create a week of adoration and togetherness for you and that special someone. Beyond the fancy, dim lit restaurant dinners and snuggling up in one of our beautiful vacation rental homes, we have curated a list of romantic ways to spend the day with your Valentine.

Top 3 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Hangouts on Hatteras Island

1. Canadian Hole: Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Canadian Hole is the ideal spot for a romantic outdoor picnic. With a convenient lot for parking nestled on the shore of the Pamlico Sound, you don’t have to worry about carrying things too far to get a good, scenic view. After cuddling up to share a delicious meal on the water, load the car and walk across Highway 12 for a starry-eyed stroll along the beach.

2. Lee Robinson’s Sunset Deck: Sunsets are a sight worth seeing all year round on Hatteras Island, but they are especially powerful in the winter months. Bring a cozy blanket and grab some snacks from Lee Robinson’s General Store before heading out back to their Sunset Deck for a front row seat as Mother Nature paints the sky.

3. ORV Beach Ride: After successfully acquiring your required ORV Permit, crank up something special on iTunes, turn on the heat and head over Ramp 49 in Frisco, just behind the Billy Mitchell Air Strip. Head north and follow the shoreline to Ramp 43 in Buxton, enjoying all of the sights the Seashore has to offer. Stop and comb for shells and beach glass, watch for playful porpoises and run wild as the birds fly overhead. During the winter months, the shoreline is more pristine and untouched than usual, so you’re sure to leave with a treasure or two to commemorate a wonderful day with your love.