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One thing is for certain, there is no place on Earth to enjoy the beach like Hatteras Island. You won’t find the constant stream of ads that congest other beaches with boats that cruise the shoreline, planes that fly overhead and billboards plastered on every inch of marketable space. Instead, you’ll find quiet seclusion from the crowds, plenty of room to sprawl out, clean beaches and friendly faces. You’ll also find miles of soundside that are great for the youngsters and those who love the water, but appreciate a less active scene. Additionally, we at Midgett Realty also offer a variety of luxury beach homes that offer pools for those days when the wind doesn’t provide us with optimal beach conditions. One thing all of these Hatteras Island features allow? FUN!

We’ve collected some of the hottest toys for enjoying your time on the water on Hatteras Island and since we know everyone loves a healthy dose of fun, we’ve included something for folks of all ages! Enjoy!

Top 7 Beach Toys of the Summer for Folks of All Ages

1.    Luxury Rafts:

This is no ordinary inner tube. A luxury raft is an oversized, creatively crafted vessel designed so that you may lounge in style when at the beach…or sound…or pool…but probably not the bathtub! You’ll find unicorns, flamingos, swans, even a giant pretzel!

2.    Pool Pong:

Probably better suited for those 21 and up, Pool Pong is basically a watered down (pun intended) version of Beer Pong. The table floats and the cups sit in built-in holders for sturdiness. Some versions even have a built-in cooler in the middle for convenience!

3.    Inflatable Island:

Inflatable Islands are a great way for multiple people to lounge on the water. Basically a raft version of a pontoon, an inflatable island is probably the coolest way to get sun at the beach. With built-in pools, sundecks and lounging areas, you can crank the music up and drift around the waters of Hatteras Island from sun-up to sun-down. Sunscreen is recommended!

4.    Water Trampoline:

The millennial’s rewrite of the 90’s trampoline is none other than a water trampoline. These bouncers come in all sizes and depending on your model, you’ll also have an assortment of add-on attachments to choose from such as an inflatable water slide or even a water log!

5.    Water Wheel:

Essentially a gerbil wheel for kids, the water wheel provides hours of endless entertainment for both the one using it and those who are merely spectating!

6.    Sand Sifter:

If you’re feeling a little water logged and need some time in the sand, be sure to check out a sand sifter. These little mesh scoops found at the Hatteras Landing Marina Ship Store are the perfect tool for treasure hunting on the shores of the Graveyard of the Atlantic!

7.    Kite:

Kites are no longer those plastic flimsy things that you unroll and pray will fly. More durable, more colorful and far more exciting, kites are great fun for folks of all ages! Check out our friends at Kitty Hawk Kites, the local kite connoisseurs, at one of their three island locations and let them set you up with the perfect kite for you!