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Hatteras Island, on the Cape Hatteras National Searshore, is surprisingly diverse when it comes to watersports and activities, so it appeals to an array of vacationers.

People come to our beaches for a variety of reasons. For the history buff there is an overwhelming amount to observe in regards to the Native Americans, the Lost Colony, the Graveyard of the Atlantic, the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station and more. For the nature lover, an ordinary drive down Highway 12 alone is enough to intoxicate the senses. The anthropologist could spend a lifetime learning the ins and outs of Hatteras Island’s culture. And if you’re just looking to have a good time, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and that somewhere is here.

But possibly the most spoiled vacationer to come to Hatteras is the athlete. And if water sports are your thing, well, welcome to paradise! We’ve listed our top watersports for you thrill seekers out there.

Top 4 Water Sports on Hatteras Island


1. Hatteras Island Surfing

Hatteras Island surfing

Hatteras Island is a surfing hotspot for the entire eastern seaboard. When we asked local surfer Joey Crum about what sets surfing the island breaks apart from other breaks on the East Coast, he said “Well, I think the waves are more consistent here, and they also have a little bit more power. You know, just initial power to the waves makes them just a little bit stronger than other breaks—not every break of course, but in general, they’re a bit more powerful due to the nature of the island’s geographical location and layout.” Fall, the height of Hurricane Season, is often the peak of big wave surfing season for those such as Joey Crum, while Summer offers a smaller, yet still consistent, break which is great for both contest surfing and those who just want to have some fun connecting with the water.



2. Kayaking on Hatteras Island

Sea kayakers on Hatteras Island

Kayaking is a surprisingly popular sport on Hatteras Island as well. While there are folks who take to the ocean for some wave riding, most people launch their kayaks on one of the many sound side locations for a more serene experience. We spoke with one of the local kayak tour guides from Hatteras Village and asked her thoughts on what made kayaking around Hatteras Island so special. She noted that beyond the sport of it, it also serves as a different way to explore the island. “From the viewpoint of the water, you discover pieces of the island that you couldn’t see otherwise, such as so-in-so’s grandfather’s shed that he used to hang net in, or the fishermen unloading their morning catch at the local fish house. You see wildlife in their natural habitat, which can be a really powerful experience too when it’s not something you are used to seeing every day. Highway 12 is so beautifully breathtaking, but kayaking through the canals of Hatteras Village and along the sound side stands on its own as a must-try while visiting Hatteras Island.”


3. Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP on Hatteras IslandNew to the scene as of a few years ago, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is all the rage on Hatteras Island and beyond. Multi-age friendly, this is both a good entry sport for those who are trying to take athletics to the water for the first time, but can also be an intense sport for those who are more aggressive athletes. While there is some expense in the board itself, rentals are easily found up and down the island for those who are just trying to have a little fun. As far as location, the canals of Brigand’s Bay in Frisco and Slash Creek in Hatteras offer a serene, low impact tour. With the right conditions, the sound itself is the most user-friendly and popular venue for those who want to SUP. You will, however, come across the more extreme athlete at various surf breaks along the beach. Requiring a great deal more agility and skill, this is where the sport goes from trendy to impressive and worth watching!


4. Hatteras Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding on Hatteras IslandRiding the wind is something that has brought water sports enthusiasts to Hatteras Island for decades. Hatteras is considered a mecca for kiteboarding. Drawing folks from as far as Canada and Europe, the shape of the island is what makes the wind pattern so unique. The tri-village area (Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo) is widely recognized as the hub for wind-driven sports, as it is consistently the windiest part of the island. That is why you will find the larger kiteboarding companies such as Real Kiteboarding and Radikal Kiteboarding located on the northern end of the island. Both offering lessons and widely popularized kiteboarding camps, if you’re an unexperienced or untrained kiteboarder, there are a multitude of opportunities to learn.