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In comparison to other vacation destinations, Hatteras Island is definitely a more budget-friendly place to frequent, with a variety of activities that are both fun and Instagram-worthy and even better, don’t break your wallet! That being said, we’ve put together a list of FREE things to do on Hatteras Island.

Top Free Things to Do on Hatteras Island

1. The BEACH!
The great thing about the beach is that you can go every day and have a different experience. Lay in the sun and work on your tan, frolic in the waves and make up fun games with your friends, play Frisbee, corn hole or paddle ball on the shore, build a giant sandcastle, go shelling, have a bonfire…the possibilities are endless!

2. Pamlico Sound
With fewer waves for a lighter water experience, the Sound is a great place for both lounging and sporting around. Water sports are good on the sound because they are less intense due to less current and lack of waves. Some of our sound-front homes provide kayaks that are great for a good stroll through the waters of the Pamlico. And floating around on an oversized raft is about as relaxing as it gets! You can also try crabbing or clamming and enjoy your fare during a delicious feast back at home.

3. Sunset Chasing
If there is one thing that Hatteras Island is known for, it’s the sunsets. There are tons of places to watch and your Instagram followers will swoon with vacation envy!

4. Hit the Trails
The Buxton Woods have a ton of trails that make for a good hike. While it’s true that the island is largely flat, the woods offer a more diverse terrain. You can even hike all the way to the beach! On this trek you’ll see a different side of Hatteras Island that you tend to miss from a normal stroll down Highway 12. You’re sure to come across a variety of foliage and wildlife that you might not otherwise catch. Just be sure to stay hydrated and keep on the marked paths!

5. Travel on Bike
A good portion of Hatteras Island villages have a great bike path so bikers can safely travel on Highway 12. This is a more detailed ride than travelling by car as you catch a different aspect and see more than you would when driving by at 55 mph. Get some exercise and beef up your camera roll all at the same time!

6. Catch a Ferry
One view you can’t beat is from the deck of the Hatteras-Ocracoke ferry. Surrounded by water, you have nothing but open sky and a far off view of each island. Catch it at sunset and prepare to be amazed!

7. Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
Get a history lesson and learn more about the waters of Hatteras Island when you visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Hear the tales of how countless men have been caught on the shoals that grace these shores and the dreaded fate that became them.