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Escape the Everyday on Hatteras IslandMost of the places that we as individuals call home have several great qualities about them. If nothing else, they are our homes. They are the familiar, the space that is ours, the place where our families are, the place where our memories reside and make up the fabric of our being.

On the flip side, it can be nice to get away from the familiar from time to time, to escape the everyday if you will. Lucky for you, Hatteras Island provides just the retreat you need, because as the whole package deal, it doesn’t get much better than this, and here’s why…

Beach vacations are where it’s at. Something about the combination of sand and salt water mixed with sunshine and summer breeze transforms your soul. It’s so simple, but also incredibly powerful and will allow you to clear your mind of the craziness of everyday life. And you’ve got your Instagram-perfect beach stateside, so no passport required!

With all of this nature at your fingertips there are tons of ways to stay active. Aside from the obvious watersports such as surfing and kiteboarding, we also have acres of sprawling maritime forest with tons of trails perfect for hiking. And have we mentioned our bike paths? Well cycling enthusiasts, feast yourselves on some prime biking real estate as you peddle down the Scenic Byway on state-of-the-art bike paths!

And if you’re not one who is motivated by the idea of a long beach run or riding waves with the fishies, don’t worry, we have a class for that! Hatteras Yoga offers classes tailored to your needs, so try a one-on-one session or a group class, and get loose at the beach or in the studio. Training for something cool or want to get kicked into shape? Hit The Fort Strength and Fitness for some straight-up personal fitness.

And don’t forget to enrich your mind while you’re here. With all of its natural beauty, Hatteras Island is a haven for the artistic souls. A variety of galleries dot the island from north to south, so be sure to hit at least 5 (come on, you have a whole week!) for a good variety of island culture.

Now that your mind is clear, your spirit is empowered and your blood is pumping, let the experience come full circle with some delicious eats (and drinks). No one does fresh seafood quite like Hatteras Island. Pouring fresh off of the docks into the kitchens of our local eateries, it’s not an area you should skimp on. Appetizers, main courses, cocktails and for sure those homemade desserts! You’re not going to want to miss out on the real taste of Hatteras Island!

Every now and again it’s good to get away so that you can appreciate coming home. Come regroup on Hatteras Island. It’s more than just a beach vacation.