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It’s no secret that the Midgett Realty team loves Hatteras Island! We like to encourage our guests to do their part in keeping the seashore clean: to refrain from littering, to preserve energy when and where they can (for instance, maybe don’t leave all of the windows open in the house when the AC is running), and to recycle, so that we can continue to enjoy these pristine beaches that we love so dearly.

While Hatteras Island offers bi-weekly trash pick-up provided by the Dare County Department of Sanitation as well as two recycling centers, a curbside recycling collection service is also provided by Hatteras Recycle in conjunction with Midgett Realty.

After a two year trial program beginning in 2007, we instituted curbside recycling for our entire inventory of Hatteras Island vacation rentals via Hatteras Recycle in 2009. Blue recycling bins are provided outside of your home specifically for recycling, and are to be positioned roadside, three feet away from your black trash can for curbside pick-up the night prior to their scheduled collection day.

We do ask that you are deliberate in your recycling as not all items are accepted. It’s important to follow the rules of what is/isn’t accepted by Hatteras Recycle, so as not to contaminate the entire batch of recyclables in your bin. All other items can be taken to one of the two drop-off locations provided by the county. The following infographic is an easy way to make sure you’re recycling correctly using the tools provided to you by Midgett Realty.

Hatteras Recycle