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At this time we regret to inform you that Dare County Emergency Management has imposed an Evacuation Order effective Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 12 noon. To view the Evacuation order, click here.

We are very sorry to have to see our guests leave. Keep in mind, this decision to evacuate was not made lightly. Our local government has decided we are in danger. Remember we only have one way off the Island (NC HWY 12) and if it is broached we have no way off or on the Island. In the past, we have been cut off for weeks without power and supplies. This can happen even with a relatively small storm. Additionally, please note there is already slight seepage on some areas of Highway 12, so please drive slowly through all puddles as it is likely salt water, which is very harmful to vehicles.

Time is of the essence in an evacuation and the roads will become very congested as the day progresses. By law, the beach is closed as soon as the evacuation takes effect.

We ask that you be ready to evacuate no later than 3 hours from when the official evacuation begins at 12 noon. This will allow us to get the homes properly prepared for the storm and get our employees and their families to safety. As you can imagine, the storm prep for nearly 500 homes is an enormous undertaking. Your help will go a long way in minimizing potential damages and we ask that you please follow the instructions below if you are physically able. It only takes 10-15 minutes if everyone in your group helps.

As Dare County Emergency Management issues further travel advisories and evacuation updates, we will post them on our website homepage at midgettrealty.com as well our Facebook page. Additionally, we will contact you via email with current information and instructions regarding your reservation and travel insurance information. As we understand that you are trying to make evacuation travel plans, communication with you, our valued guest, is a top priority. Please be patient and understand that if the storm does come to our shore, we need to keep our phone lines as clear as possible until the event has passed as we are trying to secure homes and keep our staff safe, so we do ask that you please check electronic channels before calling the office as they are updated as soon as information is given to us. Also, please note that there may be times that we are unable to staff our office if Dorian strikes us more directly, but we do have communication plans in place if we happen to go offline.

We thank you for your patience and are very thankful that we have valuable guests and friends such as you. We are extremely concerned about your safety and well-being. Please stay safe!



1. Make sure all windows and doors are locked.


2. Secure all deck furniture. If it is wooden and heavy, turn it over and place it against the house. If it is lightweight please bring it indoors.


3. Get all of your trash out of the house and place it in the rolling black trashcan outdoors. Make sure you can close the lid. Place the black trashcan in the most protected area under the house. If you have more trash than your trashcan holds, please take it to the nearest dumpster or empty trashcan.


4. Take all of your belongings with you. Make sure the refrigerator is empty. We cannot be responsible for ANYTHING that is left in the home. All items left in the house will be disposed of. Do not plan on being able to come back and retrieve items that are left.


5. As Dare County Emergency Management issues additional updates, we will post them on our website homepage at midgettrealty.com. We ask that our guests please utilize the website for updates first and only call if your question is not answered there. While we are in the current state of emergency, we need to keep our phone lines clear as much as possible until the event has passed. Also, it is quite possible that there will be times that we may be unable to staff our office if “Marie” strikes us more directly.

AFTER THE STORM: Please, do not call to inquire about the condition of your home. If you are a two-week guest, and your stay would be affected by storm damage we will contact you as soon as we are able. No news is good news! All of our efforts will be directed in getting the homes assessed and up and running as soon as possible and with limited staff after evacuation (the evacuation was for visitors and residents alike) we do not wish to have commit staff to phone lines when they could be helping to get homes ready for your vacation. With the information provided on our website and the additional sites and numbers listed below you should be able answer many of the questions you have on your own.



In addition to updates on our homepage at midgettrealty.com, our Facebook page and our email communications to the primary email address we have on file with you, our valued guests, Dare County also issues emergency storm updates as frequently as possible. As Dare County updates their site with storm related data, you can find information here. You can also sign up for alerts directly from Dare County Emergency Management here.