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2 years into a global pandemic, we are finally starting to peek our heads out with confidence that we can start to really live again. After 2 years of losing everything from loved ones to relationships to jobs to actual time itself, we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps not where we are fully ridding the world of Covid-19 but adapting to a life with it. Now that we are settling in with the knowledge and tools that these past two years have provided, we can try to start making up for lost time.

If it’s one thing we’ve learned throughout this time, it’s that life is precious, short, and not to be taken for granted. Now entering the conversation, the GOAT travel mindset. In the pursuit of truly meaningful travel, folks are searching for the Greatest of All Trips (GOAT). PSA: No need to look any further; Hatteras Island is where it’s at!

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Hatteras Island:  The Greatest Of All Trips

America, America

International travel is always a good time, but there is something to be said about exploring the land of the free and the home of the brave. While we are hopefully on the backside of shutdowns and restrictions, flying is still an expensive option as fuel prices are still on the rise. Fortunately, there is no shortage of culture, history or scenery on these sandy shores.

Water, Sand & Sunshine

Water + Sand + Sunshine = The BEST time EVERY time! Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea? It’s a no brainer! Hatteras Island prides itself in pristine beaches and with 70 miles of seashore, you’re not packed in on top of each other like at our more commercial neighbors to the north and south.

Have Your Space

Speaking of space, something else we’re still valuing on the backend of social distancing is privacy. No longer taking for granted the ability to get out there and journey through life with our friends and family, having the space to take a moment to ourselves is still a must. Insert a Hatteras Island vacation rental here. It’s a home base for your party so that you’re not scattered all over a hotel, and a private retreat for you when you need some quiet time to be mindful or a mental health reset.

Bring Your New BFF

It’s no secret that all the unrest during the pandemic caused a spike in pet adoptions. It’s also no secret that the love we received from our furry friends since day 1 has been a gift like no other. No reason to leave them behind now. Try one of our pet-friendly rentals and truly enjoy your GOAT with your OG d-o-g!

Try Something New

The to-do category is pretty high when the sun is shining, so taking some time for something more than a day at the beach (as if that isn’t enough) is well within the realm of possibility. Try your hand at catching a fish by booking a charter or heading to the beach to do some surf fishing. If you want to be out on the open water, but aren’t too hung up on catching dinner, you can also book a leisure charter for clamming and shelling or even rent a boat for some fun of your own. If you’re feeling sporty you can rent kayaks, a jet ski, or a stand-up paddleboard, take surfing or kiteboarding lessons and so much more! Want to explore the sea from the sky? Light up your Instagram feed with shots of you and a friend living your best life while laughing on a parasail! With sidewalks in most of the villages, you can rent bikes, go for a walk, run, and even skate. Skateboarders can also get some shred time in at one of the new and improved skate ramps in either Buxton or Rodanthe. This is, of course, if you care to venture off the beach for any given amount of time. No pressure!

Seek Wellness

Don’t forget to squeeze in a little pampering while visiting the Outer Banks. A little sunrise beachcombing is always good for the soul as is a good book under an umbrella or perched in a quiet corner of your vacation home. Your body and mind will both thank you for a private yoga lesson from Hatteras Yoga. And you can also treat yourself with an exquisite massage or acupuncture treatment. Or even get a pedicure or get your hair did. 😉

Experience Local Cuisine

Of all the things you have to try on Hatteras Island, it is 100% the food and drink. Fresh seafood right off the dock goes right into the restaurants and onto your plate. Not a seafood eater? Don’t be discouraged, we’ve got you guys too! A very brief list of must-tries? Hit up Waves Market and Deli at any time (their breakfast burritos are fire), but definitely pay attention to their daily specials. From their Spider Roll Bowl to their Snow Crab Scampi to their smoked pork belly over cheddar mac and cheese to their Tuna Roll, you just can’t go wrong here. You know what? Don’t take our word for it. Head over to their IG and you’ll be drooling in seconds. If you can tear yourself away from the northern end, stop in Avon at the Mad Crabber for some claw cracking and a night of good fun. Sushi lover’s minds will be blown after a stop at the Diamond Shoals Sushi Bar and you’ll love Tavern on 12’s friendly service and fresh eats. Hatteras Village will need a week all its own between Breakwater, Hatteras Sol and Dinky’s. Breakwater Restaurant is the ultimate full-bodied experience with convenient and scenic outdoor seating on their deck, complete with live music, fresh cocktails, and authentic local island cuisine. Hatteras Sol is a casual take on gourmet deliciousness and good drink, and Dinky’s will hit the spot with their fan favorites such as their Pork Tenderloin and Sugar-Cured Roast Duck. The food scene on Hatteras Island is poppin’ so while it can’t hurt to eat a few meals at home, it simply won’t be the GOAT if you skip out completely.