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Slash Creek Oyster Company is a locally owned and operated oyster farm that provides their fresh, farmed oysters to a variety of select North Carolina restaurants and markets. Clamming and oystering on weekends with their water-loving spaniel, husband and wife team Spurgeon Stowe and Katherine McGlade wanted to bring the unique freshness and flavor of Hatteras Island oysters to the general public from the Pamlico Sound off of Hatteras Island. So they did.

“Grown near the sleepy fishing village of Hatteras, our oysters get a shot of briny ocean water twice a day during high tide. The salty high tide is balanced by the moderately briny Pamlico Sound waters, giving Slash Creek Oyster Company oyster’s a flavor and finish that creates an exceptional raw oyster.  Located 20 miles from the mainland — protected from storm water and agricultural runoff — our farm is located in extraordinarily clean water,  aided by the regular exchange of water from Hatteras Inlet.”

Now, you can learn all about this interesting and vital industry by booking a farm tour!

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Oyster Farm Tours:

Learn about mariculture oysters with a tour of Slash Creek Oyster Company Farm. Tours last an hour and begin at the dock at Slash Creek Oyster House. There you will learn about the equipment used for their growing operation and the process of how they grow oysters. From there you will hop on the oyster boat, The Half Shell, and take a short 10 minute ride out to the farm. On the farm, you will see the different stages of oyster growth and learn about oyster farming from Spurgeon Stowe, a fifth generation Hatterasman, who has lived his life on the water oystering, fishing, crabbing, and clamming with a lot of personality and many stories to tell.

Tours are available in the afternoon on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To book your tour today, call Spurgeon at (252) 995-2045.

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Image Provided by Slash Creek Oyster Company

Image Provided by Slash Creek Oyster Company

Image Provided by Slash Creek Oyster Company

Image Provided by Slash Creek Oyster Company