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Hatteras Island Guide to Labor Day in North Carolina

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Each year, visitors from across the map make their way to Hatteras Island to enjoy the history, culture, sun, sand, and surf. No matter when you arrive, you’re in for a treat but those who are fortunate enough to spend Labor Day in North Carolina here will find even more to look forward to! This charming destination has something for visitors of all ages and interests to enjoy and no shortage of options when it comes to customizing your itinerary. Let this Labor Day Hatteras Island guide be an inspiring starting point for what’s sure to be your many adventures ahead.

Check Out the Holiday Happenings at the Beach Klub in Avon

Labor Day typically marks the arrival of a lineup of exciting and family-friendly activities hosted at the Beach Klub in Avon. Make your way over to North Carolina Highway 12 to enjoy access to the open-for-all luau over Labor Day which will feature traditional island beverages and fare as well as live musical entertainment. There’s a pool for cooling off in good company and plenty of lounge spaces when you’re hoping to relax as well. This location also hosts a teen night over Labor Day with games, snacks, a live DJ, and more.

Enjoy Kids Day

While this is certainly a holiday for everyone, Labor Day on Hatteras Island is particularly appealing for the little ones in your traveling crew when you add Kids Day at Kitty Hawk Kites to your must-do list. Each year at this time, Kitty Hawk Kites locations in Avon, Waves, and Hatteras Village host Kids Day which showcases toy demonstrations to check out, kite-making stations, balloon animals, and much more. Afterward, if you’re looking for another family-friendly experience to enjoy that’s suitable for your entire crew, you can rent a kayak through Kitty Hawk Kites and set out for an on-the-water adventure together. Avid anglers might find this is always the perfect time to pair paddling with casting a line over Labor Day.

Add Live Music to Your Itinerary

If you’re looking forward to spending your Labor Day on Hatteras Island enjoying great vibes, you’ll find you can do exactly that at Hatteras Landing. This is where live music is hosted this time of year that’s typically paired up with great food and cold beverages too. In addition to the delightful jams, your Hatteras Landing Labor Day experience will come with stunning sunset views free of charge.

Take Time to Visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum During Your Stay

When you’re looking for something unique to add to your Labor Day lineup on Hatteras Island, a trip to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum is a must. There’s no cost to browse the exhibits and displays at this museum located near the ferry docks to Ocracoke Island. When you drop by, you’ll enjoy time learning more about the area’s vast maritime history with a lens on the more than 600 shipwrecks that have happened off the shoreline throughout the course of history. Many of the ships that currently sit below the waves met their fate due to the Diamond Shoals which are notorious in this area. When you’re here, make sure to take your time to check out all of the unique artifacts and memorabilia, and don’t leave before you get a close-up look at the 12-foot-tall lighthouse lens on-site that dates back to 1854.

Savor Time in Nature

Labor Day in North Carolina on Hatteras Island is typically marked by sunny and comfortable weather. This means nature enthusiasts have every reason to include time in the great outdoors on their itinerary. When you’re up for encountering more than 400 species of birds, can’t wait to explore nature trails, and are excited about the idea of observing protected terrain, you’ll want to make sure to make your way to the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge as least once during your visit. Located south of Oregon Inlet, this refuge is an amazing place to experience wildlife diversity at its best and if you happen to be a landscape photographer, it’s a prime place for capturing your surroundings on film.

Book Your Journey in Style

When a trip to Hatteras Island is calling your name, the property professionals at Midgett Realty are here to make sure you have luxurious accommodations in place that will elevate your getaway in comfort, and style. Our property options keep you close to the places you simply can’t wait to explore on this Hatteras Island guide while ensuring top-notch amenities, sleek finishes, and inviting furnishings are part of your trip as well. Be sure to reach out today to learn more about our alluring collection of property options available across Hatteras Island including our Labor Day rentals that will take your journey to the next level of excellence in no time. We look forward to welcoming you to scenic Hatteras Island this September!