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Things To Do With Kids on Hatteras Island - Top Ten Favorites

Kids enjoying time on the beach at Hatteras Island

There is no better vacation spot for kids than Hatteras Island — children truly have a great time in the Outer Banks! There are all kinds of beach activities for kids to enjoy, along with field trips, a visit to the aquarium, mini golf, and more. If you're looking for ways to keep the little ones busy, our top ten favorites below should be helpful!

10. Sandcastles. Grab a bucket, shovel, and the kids, and head over to the Hatteras Island beaches! Make your own sandcastle with a little bit of moist sand, and then collect decorations for it. From beach grass to colorful seashells, treasures galore await you along our beaches!

9. Fly a Kite. The winds on Hatteras Island are perfect for kite-flying! Take turns seeing if you can make your kite do loop-de-loops, whirls, or any other tricks. Who knows, you may just be the next Orville or Wilbur Wright!

8. Park Service Activities. The National Park Service offers various programs for kids in the spring, summer, and fall. From talks about pirates, wildlife, and ghost stories to hands-on fishing and arts experiences, there is something for every child. You can even become a Junior Park Ranger while you're here. Just attend two programs and complete an activity book, and you'll get your Junior Ranger badge and patch!

7. Hermit Crab Races. Head to Scotch Bonnet Marina in the village of Frisco every Friday afternoon from mid-June to Labor Day for a true Hatteras Island sport! Choose your hermit crab and cheer it on as it races with the other crustaceans toward the finish line. Be sure to grab some of Scotch Bonnet's famous fudge while you're there-you won't regret it!

6. Trip to Ocracoke. Get in the family car and take a day trip to Ocracoke Island, via the free ferry from Hatteras Village. The ferry trip is fun in itself, and Ocracoke is a great place for a family outing! See the wild ponies on your way to the village, visit the Ocracoke Lighthouse, and listen to tales of the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

5. Putt-putt Golf. Miniature golf is one of the greatest ways to spend time with your children. It gets them active and is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of their Hatteras vacation! Uncle Eddy's in Buxton is a miniature golf course and delicious ice cream shop; and Frisco Mini Golf and Go Karts is fun the whole family can get into!

4. Fishing from a Pier. You could cast from the beach, and you could cast from a boat, but one of the most fun places to drop a fishing line is from one of Hatteras Island's great fishing piers, located in Rodanthe and Avon. From their perch over the waves, your kids can watch as other fishermen reel in their catches, or cast a line themselves. Be sure to snap a photo of that ear-to-ear grin after they make the catch of the day!

3. Rent a Bike. All seven of the villages on Hatteras Island are small and easily accessible by bicycle. Your kids would love to take a ride to the nearest beach boardwalk, or to find out where the local ice cream parlor is and bike there. If you can't bring your own bikes, never fear! There are plenty of places to rent bikes in the villages, by the hour, day, or even for the whole week!

2. Aquarium. Kids of all ages simply can't get enough of sea life, so take them to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island! The spectacular shark tank puts kids face-to-face with some toothy characters, and the touch tank allows for a more hands-on experience with a few local water-dwellers. The aquarium offers various free programs year-round, such as dive shows and public feedings. Your kids will dive right in to this exciting trip - they are sure to be talking about it until your next Hatteras Island vacation!

1. Pirate Cruise. For all your rambunctious youngsters, the Cap'n Clam offers evening pirate cruises several nights a week, including free swords and eye patches! Join the crew for an evening of swashbuckling adventure on their fast 68-foot boat. You and your kids will never forget their Outer Banks vacation, guaranteed!

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