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Top 10 Favorite Things To Do With Kids on Hatteras Island

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Our Favorite Things to Do with Kids While Visiting Hatteras Island


Exploring the Outer Banks, an area rich in adventurous history, is a quest that is enjoyed from the youngest to the oldest! Many of our guests have been coming since they were kids and continue the tradition with their families still. With a variety of activities specifically geared towards little ones, here are our top ten favorites to make sure this vacation is just as special for them as for you.


1. Take an Adventure Cruise

Several inshore charters at Hatteras Landing Marina offer daytime adventure cruises with Family Water Adventures. Explore the ever-changing miniature islands that build up in the sound off of Hatteras Village for a day on the water clamming, shelling, crabbing, fishing and much, much, more! Designed with kiddos in mind, this is one adventure they won’t forget!


2. Visit the Frisco Native American Museum

Learn how the Native American’s maintained a life here before the days of paved roads, bridges, and modern technology. View an extensive collection of artifacts from Native cultures across the country with a full gallery dedicated to the local tribes. Scenic nature trails wind through several acres of maritime forest for a unique look at the terrain that was traveled in a very different fashion by those who came before us. And a unique gift shop includes handmade crafts and unusual finds that you won’t likely come across anywhere else. Check their website for events, programs, and even sign-up in advance of your trip to participate in project opportunities for school-age kids and Scouts.


3. Book Surf Lessons

All surfers will tell you that surfing is more than just a sport. It’s reading and understanding one of the Earth’s most powerful elements:  the water. Understanding water safety from a young age is an invaluable lesson to be carried on through one’s entire life, and respecting the ocean is something that can’t be learned early enough. Several local surf shops along the island either offer surf lessons or can give you a recommendation to an instructor or two, and Endless Summer Surf OBX is a locally founded organization that offers private, semi-private and group lessons, as well as Surf Camps for kids in the months from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


4. Fly a Kite

Speaking of the Earth’s elements, the WIND is another one that brings folks from all over the world to Hatteras Island. Due to its unique position, we are a hub for wind-driven watersports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding and more. A great way to introduce the kiddos to the wind is flying a kite. While the Outer Banks also hails the title of “First in Flight”, you can test your kite-flying skills and try some fun new tricks to be the next Orville or Wilbur Wright!


5. Sandcastle Contest

A few plastic buckets and couple of shovels can go a long way in the kiddo (or adult) entertainment realm. When it comes to playing in the sand, there is definitely plenty of fun to be had and building sandcastles is top of the list! Add a little excitement and make it even more captivating by holding a sandcastle contest. Get creative with planning, executing, prizes and more. Just remember to fill your holes before you leave so that everyone can enjoy the beach safely!


6. Park Ranger Activities

The founders of Midgett Realty, Stockton and Anderson Midgett, are also well known for their part in helping to establish Cape Hatteras as a National Seashore, so one thing is for sure, WE LOVE OUR PARK! With that, we have a very active NPS staff that offers a ton of programs throughout the year, most of which are focused on kids. From history to wildlife to this unique habitat, there is plenty to explore with the guidance of our rangers.


7. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is a fun sport for people of all ages. Less intense than surfing, you can sit on your bottom, on your knees, or stand. Depending on your child’s age, swimming experience, and the water conditions, the sound and canals are always good options for beginners due to the shallower waters and fewer obstacles such as waves and strong currents. Paddleboards can be rented or purchased all along the island from a variety of surf shops and equipment rental locations.


8. Take a Day Trip to Ocracoke

A day trip to Ocracoke is a fun way to spend some time with the kids when everyone is a little too sun soaked or waterlogged. Hop on the passenger ferry or car ferry, both out of Hatteras Village, just next door to Hatteras Landing, and take the exciting ride over to Ocracoke to explore a variety of eateries and shops. Bring bikes, rent a golf cart, catch the tram, or even walk through the small village to see all that Ocracoke has to offer.


9. Splash Around in The Pamlico Sound

Your vacation rental doesn’t have to be soundfront just to enjoy the luxuries of the Pamlico. With several soundside ORV Ramps and Day Use Areas along the island, there are a multitude of opportunities for spending some time on this side of the island, which is fantastic for splash time with kiddos. The sound is well-known for its shallow waters, lack of waves, absence of steep drop-offs, and therefore easier swimming conditions for little ones. Floats and boogie boards are always a fun addition, and you can even search the sound floor for crabs and clams or learn how to drop a line for a day of fishing on the water.


10. Treasure Hunt

Much like an easter egg hunt, you can set-up an indoor or outdoor course at your vacation rental so little one’s can hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure! A great pastime for sunny or rainy days, you can even find some small toys or shells and bury them in a sand bucket, so they never have to leave their beach chair!

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