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Holidays on Hatteras

Cora Tree in Frisco, NC

One thing Hatteras Island loves is a good holiday and Halloween is no exception. With a place brimming with so much history, it is sure to be overflowing in tales of the deep, tales of the lost, tales of war and tales of forelorn love. There are various ways to spin a good ghost story, but no setting is as rich as Hatteras Island, so head to "The Banks" and settle in for a crisp, fall night of creepy quiet and fun fright. Are you afraid of the dark? Don't forget your flashlight!

Easter on Hatteras Island

Easter kicks off the season for Hatteras Island, with lots of activities, and various worship opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Below is your one-stop shop for all things Easter Weekend on Hatteras Island.

2015 Hatteras Village Christmas Parade

All was calm, all was bright, and the 72 degree, non-sweater weather was just right! Saturday, Hatteras Village kicked off the holidays with their annual Christmas Parade, which was filled with the usual spirit, cheer and SANTA!

Midgett Realty

It was more than just patriotism that we were celebrating. We were celebrating life, brotherhood, compassion, goodwill and the treasure trove of other things we have to be thankful for.


Anticipation builds as everyone waits for the parade to begin

The 2013 Annual Hatteras Village Christmas parade was a success with Midgett Realty taking home the award for "Most Creative" with a sand family and driftwood Christmas tree, designed and constructed by a team of several dedicated employees.

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With only seven villages and roughly 5,000 residents to occupy it's mere 50 miles of seashore, Hatteras Island is a very cozy place to live indeed.

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Halloween brings the fall season to life on the Outer Banks. The festivities have kids and adults alike wide open in celebration. From haunted houses [and trails] to costume parties and Blackbeard's Pirate Jamboree, the whole island gets a new sense of rejuvenation after the long summer season.

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Labor Day weekend is here and the beginning of a beautiful fall season is right around the corner! This season has been full of blue skies, glassy seas and that warm summer breeze that makes you want to lay back, relax and soak in that seemingly tropical sun. Today, the future of Hatteras Island returned back to the classrooms, which means soon those blue skies will be painted with luxurious sunsets, those glassy seas will be filled with an abundance of fish for the catching and that summer breeze will be just a little bit crisper, but still intoxicating nonetheless.