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If it’s October and it’s already snowing in your neck of the woods, it’s time to pack up and head to Hatteras Island and get the heck out of dodge (we’re looking at you, Pennsylvania)! Nobody has time for snow before the kiddos even get to prance around town in their little princess/super hero costumes! That being said, we are knocking on November’s door, so the possibility of running into a day or two of unseasonably chilly weather while at the beach isn’t completely unheard of. The good news? It’ll be gone in a day or two and there will be no shoveling walkways and/or defrosting windshields, because again, who has time for all of that (our hearts go out to you, Northeastern US)?!

So let’s talk future. You’re here on this gorgeous little sandbar, nestled firmly between the swaying sea oats and crystal shoreline, sipping on that margarita that Uncle Bob made at the pool-level tiki bar of your beautiful Midgett Realty ocean front home that is mere steps away from your current beach chair’s resting place, and you pick up your phone and see that, uh oh, tomorrow we’re going to have an out-of-the-ordinary cool day. 57 degrees?! What is that?! Mother Nature and her shenanigans! Well, never fear, Hatteras Island has a diverse terrain, and we’ve got some ideas on how you can “survive” the cooler temps while at the beach!

How To Survive #SweaterWeather on Hatteras Island

Step 1:  Hang your bikini in an easy to grab location. You’re going to need it tomorrow…actually, you’ll want it tonight for some quality hot tub time.

Step 2:  Put Uncle Bob on notice. Let him know that when you guys get back from adventuring, you’re going to need a pitcher of his famous margaritas. Shape up! You’re still on vacation!

Step 3:  Stock up on water, sunscreen, bug spray (probably not necessary, but just in case) and light snacks. Make sure your phone has a full charge.

Step 4:  Find a local coffee shop and get some warmth running through your veins. Dancing Turtle in Hatteras, Uglie Mugs in Avon, Highway 12 Coffee in Rodanthe. All good options.

IMPORTANT SIDEBAR:  If you are one of the unfortunate few, and I say this from some very real personal experience, who is…sensitive…to the side effects of coffee, use today to try a chai tea or something of that nature. Otherwise, Step 5 will not be friendly to you (you can thank me later).

Step 5:  Head to Buxton/Frisco and park along one of the various trails on the outskirts of the Buxton Woods, one the largest standing maritime forests in the southern United States. The beach often gets all of the glory, because come on, it’s amazing, but these woods are a hidden gem, often unseen by those scooting back and forth along Highway 12 South. Use this opportunity to dive in. Expect light hiking at great lengths. Depending on where you enter, there are a lot of high ridges and fun trails, complete with tarzan-like vines and array of wildlife to stumble upon. Many of the trails (be sure not to stray from them) will take you all the way to the beach, which can lead you to some possibly uncombed areas, perfect for shell/sea glass hunting. Not a hiker or possibly even challenged when it comes to using a compass? Try taking this little adventure by way of horseback. It’s a thing and it’s awesome!

Step 6:  Cool down from your leisurely hike and pop into Buxton Village Books. This little shop is bursting at the seams with best-sellers and local authors. Built in 1860, the ceiling beams are actually shipwreck timbers. Ask owner Gee Gee more about the history of the building and for some recommendations on a good read.

Step 7:  Be on vacation. Try a new restaurant, hit your favorite shops, start that new book from Buxton Village Books, take a nap while checking out that great view from your rental home. Trying to get crazy? Drop by Teach’s Lair Marina and ask their staff on what’s biting and try your hand at surf fishing. Be sure to chat up JAM for some tips on location, proper bait and reels. Round out the day in the hot tub with that pitcher of margs!

Bottom line? Hatteras Island might be the best place to enjoy some #sweaterweather. We’re certainly not going to complain! So throw your snow shovel aside and get to the beach! We hope to see you soon!