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What a guest wants versus what a guest needs is often a blurred line when searching for the perfect vacation rental home. It may not necessarily be needed, but if it offers enough value to the vacation, the wanted amenity might win out in the end when booking a rental property. With that in mind, we have collected the top sought-after amenities to help our home owners maximize the return of their rental home.

8 Amenities That Guests Crave in a Vacation Rental

Pools & Hot Tubs

It might seem that if you’re surrounded by water, having a pool wouldn’t be so important, but it is the number one sought-after amenity that guests search for when looking for a Hatteras Island vacation rental home. If the water conditions aren’t optimal one day, guests still want the option to beat the heat poolside. Size, depth, pool heat, safety gates and seating are all things to consider if you’re thinking about installing a pool on your Hatteras rental property. Hot tubs are also widely searched as a desired luxury item. Who doesn’t want to stare out at a Hatteras sky while soaking in a relaxing hot tub?


When folks haul their families all the way to the beach, they want to bring the whole crew, which includes their four-legged family members. Finding alternate lodging for pets is an unwanted added expense and inconvenience to guests who want to have the luxury of having all of their family members in one place, especially if they are driving to Hatteras Island.


Updated Furniture & Décor

Quickly fading are the days when guests weren’t concerned about the aesthetic features of their rental property. With Instagram-worthy rentals filling the feeds of wanderlusters everywhere, folks want to be in a place that both looks good and makes them feel good. If it’s been a couple of decades since you replaced the living couch or dining room furniture, it might be worth making some upgrades.


Upgraded Kitchens

Keurigs, Crockpots and good cookware, oh my! As guests are using the kitchens of their rental homes more and more due to the pandemic, they want homes stocked with the proper appliances and cookware to make vacation cooking easy and convenient. And don’t forget a good blender for smoothies or adult beverages! That is a must at a beach rental home. When packing the car, the last thing guests want to have to think about are small appliances and bulky kitchenware.


Better Mattresses

Most folks are coming to Hatteras to soak in the sun in their number one “happy place”. This year, we also have a number of guests that are working and learning remotely during their stay. Either way, whether their stay is for business, pleasure or a healthy mixture of both, everyone wants to get a good night’s sleep. Nothing can break a good vacation easier than a bad mattress, bad pillows, or both! If guests sleep well, they’ll be far more likely to book your Hatteras vacation home again.


Smart TV’s & Sports Packages

While you wouldn’t typically think of sitting around a TV while you’re at the beach, today’s guest just might surprise you. This year, we’ve added some requirements surrounding Smart TV’s to fit the needs of the tech-savvy guest. Streaming services and sport packages are in high demand, so be sure to hop on board the tech-train to keep your guests happy and coming back year after year. If you have a full-on theater or media room, that’s even more of a win!


Outdoor Living

One perk about Hatteras Island is you can see the sky and all of its glory with zero interference from high risers and skyscrapers. From colorful sunrises and sunsets to the blue skies of the day and the deep dark of night when the stars put on their show, there is always something to see when you simply look up. Moderate temperatures and the coastal island breeze make being outside just what the doctor ordered, so outdoor living spaces are easily hot ticket items for a vacation rental. Outfitted decks, cozy patios and poolside luxury areas are just another way the guest can fully enjoy your home.


Elevators & Mobility Features

Guests often seek elevators and mobility features for their family members with mobility-related issues, if not for the sake of plain old convenience. Because who wants to carry a week’s worth of groceries for an 8 bedroom home up 3 flights of stairs? Everything from safety rails to handicap accessable showers are highly sought after. A bonus feature that is often overlooked is a boardwalk. When searching for their rental home, guests often ask about the ease of reaching the beach, the steepness of the duneline and whether or not a walkover is provided. If you’re building a Hatteras Island vacation rental, or doing some renovations,elevators and mobility features are a wise addition to make your home appearl to a larger audience.

If you own a vacation rental on Hatteras Island, or you’re thinking about purchasing one to rent out, we would love to chat with you about what Midgett Realty can offer!