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Fun Hatteras Activities

Day at the Docks 2017

Fourteen years after Hurricane Isabel, one of the largest storms to rock Hatteras Island in decades, locals and visitors alike came together to celebrate our watermen at Hatteras Village's Annual Day at the Docks.

What better way to spend your relaxing vacation than curled up on the beach... or in your beautiful beach vacation home with a great book? This year, we've done the work for you and created a list of the Top 10 Summer Beach Reads for 2017. Enjoy!

Fishing with Brian Patteson on the Stormy Petrel II

Hatteras Island is recognized nationwide for its variety of rarities. From the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to the island's potential role in the Lost Colony to its prime conditions for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding, one huge draw is for anglers.

Girls Trip on Hatteras Island

Obviously vacations with the extended family and excursions with the boys are great, but sometimes you just need to get away with your girls. And THAT can be as calm or as crazy as you want, no matter where you go.

Culture on Hatteras Island

People come on vacation for various reasons, but Hatteras Island is more than just a vacation. Period. It's more than this compiled list of explanations you should come here. Granted, they're all valid reasons, but the defining is by far the culture. This cozy little island is made of 7 small villages that are each full of heart and together, they make it easy to call Hatteras Island your second home.

Exploring on Hatteras Island

No need to hop three planes, a train, two buses and a cab to get to your vacation hot-spot when you can pop in the car, turn up the tunes and drive a few hours to the beach. Bonus? It's more than just 70 miles of unadulterated seashore and tranquility! There's sights, there's shopping, there's food and more! We've put together a list of our top 7 reasons to head to our sandbar in paradise