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Some people say your 20’s are the best years of your life. While we happen to think there is beauty in every age, there is something majestic about one’s youth:  a time of freedom, a time of figuring things out, a time of exploration and a time of adventure. Finding your place in the job world can mean funds aren’t as disposable as they are later in life and budgeting can definitely go a long way. It can even take you straight to the sandy shores of Hatteras Island! While you must be a minimum of 25 to book with Midgett Realty, you can book with our friends at Hatteras Marlin Motel as early as 21 (and there is even a pool–holla!). With a variety of budget-friendly lodging options at your disposal, we’ve put together a variety of other fun ways to enjoy your stay on Hatteras Island when you’re in your twenties.

Traveling Hatteras Island in Your Twenties

Shops:  A wide selection of teeny bikinis, sandals galore and surf brand apparel perfect for summer beach parties can be found throughout the island’s local surf shop variety. Try Kitty Hawk Surf Co, Natural Art, Hatteras Island Board Sports and REAL Watersports for a wide array of fun finds. Drop by Creative Ballance Salon & Boutique for more unique apparel and gifts that anyone in their 20’s would love to find.

Eats:  Pizzzzaaa. New York is widely known for those cheesy slices of glory, but Hatteras Island can give them a run for their money any day of the week! Gingerbread House Bakery in Frisco (also a great spot for some baked goods) has a delicious handmade crust, a sauce reminiscent of divine intervention, fresh toppings and a budget-friendly price point for those trying to stretch the dollar. More tasty pizza joints for those staying in other areas on the Island are Lisa’s Pizzeria in Rodanthe, Nino’s in Avon, Papa Nino’s or Angelo’s in Buxton and Rocco’s in Hatteras (insert the heart and pizza emoji’s here).

Drinks:  There’s something to be said for drinks by the water, but at this point in the game you may not be prepared to shell out those hard earned dollah-dollah bills on fancy drinks in pretty glasses. Secret alternative: a variety of wine and brews at Hatteras Landing Marina. With a phenomenal sunset deck nestled atop the marina, the Hatteras Landing Marina Ship Store features a collection filled with more than 75 brands of imports, domestics, microbrews, craft beers and much more. Did we mention they have wine by the glass? Gotta get your daily serving of fruit in—because you know, balance!

Reads:  No matter what your interest, there are a zillion books out there that would make great summer beach reads, but hot off the press and critically acclaimed to be “one of the best books of 2016”? All the Missing Girls: A Novel by Megan Miranda. Largely compared to Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”, this psychological thriller is also told in reverse chronological order and will keep you on the edge of your beach chair the whole way through.

Set in a small town, Nic leaves home after her best friend, Corinne, disappears without as much as a trace. Initially she, her brother Daniel, boyfriend Tyler and Corinne’s boyfriend Jackson are the focus of the investigation. When she returns 10 years later to care for her sick father, her ex’s new girlfriend and their alibi for the night Corinne disappeared, also mysteriously goes missing, busting open the horrors that took her from Cooley Ridge a decade earlier.

This one will totally be worth some real estate in your beach bag! Just don’t forget the SPF!